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Sunday, May 29, 2011


As what I've posted before, I joined OHDARA'S CONTEST for 1 upper B tix and shirt...Finally, they released the list of winners!..I won!...but since isa lang yung tix.. isa lang madadala namin ni walang iba qng hindi c Angge!!!hehehe!happy happy na naman sa june 4 just like nung sa ss3 nun...THANKS SO MUCH OHDARA! I owe you lots of updates!


After so many months of hiatus...I'm back to poem writing and blogging!..Kaya lang parang kinakalawang na ata ako...ang dami q ng di matandaan!...anyway, nakahanap ng inspiration sa Puerto Galera...

Doomsday! As what they say
Yet the serene salty water strikes upon my face
Every waves freezes my astounded iris
A call from an island that I can't resist

e and Sixty...
Whitecaps are going shaky
Fifteen Gullivers from the city
Killing the Charybdis from a mighty flee

This means nothing
But it shows you something
Something that feigns nothing
Suddenly,! Nothing was made into something

Jumping out from the sail
We're near yet so far away
It's not here yet it's not there
So, where is everywhere?

This is a story that was never been told
Locked up from the cavern of the sea
A tale that I shouldn't unfold
Leaving the traces to the unforgotten mystery


I remember this poem..This is my first free verse poem na nasulat q for Creative Writing subject ni Sir Nico...kailangan daw may paghugutan ng inspiration...naisip q agad c tatay...ilang months lang bago cya mamatay nung sinulat q 2...

As I hear the gentle sound of somber air
Creepy surprise and pale replies touch my heart
Full of soulless whisper filled the corner
With gloomy sadness behind my teary eyes

He was there straightly lying in the sordid tiles
With a block of dirty wood behind his purple nape
And as I look his blank smiling face
I see nothing but a dark silent melancholy

If only I could tick the clock from twelve to one
Maybe I could hear his very last loving wish
Maybe I could hear his last crying laugh
Dying fatherly word to his precious princesses

But past cannot stand for today
And today cannot stand for the past
Destiny moves the flow of life
We should learn to accept if one will die

Cause the only thing an anguish blue heart can do
Is to solemnly pray for the soulful truth...