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Friday, January 29, 2010

Yoon Si Yoon also down with H1N1 virus

The production for High Kick Through the Roof will have to be temporarily suspended after another cast member, Yoon Si Yoon was confirmed to have contracted the H1N1 virus.

Si Yoon is the second member from the sitcom to have contracted the H1N1 virus after Hwang Jung Eum.

Hwang Jung Eum was revealed to have gotten the virus on the 25th. Her co-stars, Choi Daniel and Yoon Si Yoon were then asked to go for check-ups on the same day, for fear of getting it from her.

With this latest development, there will be no new episodes for a while as MBC will replace them with special episodes instead. Filming will still go on without the two until they are fully recovered from the virus.


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