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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cheerio 2012 ~ Howdy 2013 (◕‿-)!!!

2012 has been a very blessed and wonderful year for me.Thinking of the highlights made me feel very grateful.
As a KPOP fangirl... (。♥‿♥。)Two of my favorite Kpop bands came to Manila this year - ZEA and Bigbang. Attending ZEA's fansigning event was my first close interaction with a Kpop celebrity. And it's good to complete my fangirling moment with Bigbang's Alive Tour plus my victory in OhDara's another ticket contest with Dara's lightstick... more spazz hopefully next year~ (~o❤‿❤)~o
As an English major and teacher... (。◕‿◕。)I thought I can't find happiness and my purpose with my job. Although there are lots of changes that still left me disappointed, I'm still happy to receive Best Teacher Award twice this year for the month of March and November. Thanks bro~ (∩▂∩) This year, Shiena and I started to enroll for our master's degree. It's tiring yet very exciting to study again most especially with Dr.C's class which made me a better teacher and English major. I hope we'll finish on time... Aja!
As a nature lover... (●*∩_∩*●) Got the chance to visit Anawangin cove with my colleagues too. After our born to be wild and survivor escapades there, Shiena and I feared the power of nature. It was one of a kind experience though.
As a sister and daughter... (◕‿◕✿) This year, we got the chance to visit our hometown SJDM, Bulacan. It's good to reminisce my younger years most especially with tatay. We also had the chance to renew the cemetery fee of tatay. I hope that we can able to live again there just like the old good days. (◕‿◕✿) I'm happy this year too because nanay's and mama Adet's health are getting better. Although they are still workaholic and lamon freaks, they are more disciplined in taking care of their health. Cheers for the good health! (◕‿◕✿) Lastly, my little sister who's getting naughtier these days and twin sister Shiena spent our first hang out together at the noraebang. It was actually an epic sister bonding~ Hope we can do it again next year~
(。❤‿❤。) Overall, my 2012 was really daebak! I just hope that 2013 will be more awesome. And I hope that I can finally fulfill my new year's resolutions... 2013 is my effin' snake year~ HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fan account: Bigbang Alive Galaxy Tour - Manila, Philippines

It's been a long time since I posted here about some KPOP events. But I'm back spazzing for BIGBANG! Last October 24 (Wednesday) was another dream come true for me and most especially for my sister Shiena who is a daebak Kwon Ji Yong fan. Thanks for Ohdara for giving us another tix just like last 2ne1 The Party. Even it's working day (Wednesday), Shiena,Angge, Genesis and I still pursue our fangirling escapades. Hindi lang ito basta-basta na KPOP group.This is Bigbang (omona!) for goodness sake. So, no one will stop us from watching this concert. Plus, another bonus pa sa concert eh yung makita ang YG Hitech dancers most especially Kwon twins =). Dara was also there watching the boys but I couldn't see her from our sad..TT...Anway, let these pictures tell the rest of the story... ppyong!
As early as 10:00 in the morning, we went to SM MOA Arena kasi as what I've heard from the forum some VIPs will camp out pa daw just to be in front of the queue. At di nga kami nagkamali, when we arrived, so many people lined up already. But the fun thing was andaming magagawa habang nakapila because of Alive Official Merch booth, Samsung Galaxy booth with their awesome giant BB in capsules, freebies and tablets and Jeju Air photo booth and some Bigbang standees and items.
Alive Official Merch booth -> heaven sent kahit mahal keribels lang basta may pangcheer!
Say Cheese with Bigbang in capsules~
Can I just bring home this giant wallpaper with BB's signatures?LOL
Jeju Air with lots of cute freebies and Bigbang standees =) Here are more pictures :
Dara and 2ne1 stuffs : cheering stuffs for Dara : Thanks Ohdara for Dara lightsick

Sunday, April 29, 2012

My fave Bleach Musical's Orihime actress tweeted me back~^_^!

I love Bleach that's why I got the chance to know Rei Yoshii who acted as Orihime in the musical adaptation of Bleach (Rock Musical Bleach).I'm just happy because she tweeted me back after a long months of trying...=)
@rei318 ... THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME HAPPY~ ありがとう !!! Arigatō!!! Salamat!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My fave author replied on my tweet~so haengbok^^!

at last, I found her twitter account na...Kamsahamnida Miss Chinggay Labrador^^! I feel very happy^^!ang babaw q pero I'm very happy talaga... I will surely buy all your books and sparkling mag...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tnx 2 my sis @Shiena2drescue 4 my Sparkling mag~

A while ago, I was asking everyone's help to tell me where can I buy the latest edition of Sparkling Mag because my Yunho and Changmin plus Kara are on the cover. I was just surprised because my twin sister Shiena bought me one. I'm so happy. Thanks sistah! My new addiction ZE:A and Shinee have their pics too...HAENGBOK!

P.S. Kdorama pics are also inside the mag...But one pics that caught my attention was Lee MinHo's City Hunter and God of Study...^^

QUESTION: I have nothing against with Mario Maurer, but what is he doing in a KPOP mag?


The Return of the Comeback-Reminiscing College Memories and new Kpop stuffs

Yesterday, Shiena and I went back to our dearest alma mater-peyups to get our diploma and alumni ID. Sayang lang coz we didn't make kodakan with the beautiful great wall of PUP, Stonehenge and of course ang lumilevel-up na led board...hehe...I heard pa nga na nung foundation day daw, may perya dun sa basketball court na lunggaan dati ng mga topless na hunkies and dugyuties.Meron din daw wall climbing and zip line . Nakakatuwa lang kasi dami ng changes.

Pagbungad pa lang sa gate, nanotice ko kaagad ang mga lady guards. Before,mga lalaking guards and puro nakabantay sa labas. Siyempre, di pa rin mawawala ang mga maaangas na batang walang ID (naloka q dun sa isang guy, sinita ni Ate guard kasi nga di nakasukbit ung ID nya tapos nagalit at halos ipamukha ung ID nya na kinuha niya pa sa bag)MAJOR HAY!Eh alam mo namang papasok ka ng school sana isinampay mo na sa highblood mong leeg ang ID mo para di ka na naabala...naku!COMMON SENSE~omayghad~Yun lang ang problem sa iba. We should follow rules before doing a commotion...

Anyway, we got our diploma sa W116 ba yun?Na lumilevel up na rin kasi glass na ang harang ng maliit nilang window...hehe...After nun, we're supposed to go to Alumni Office na dating nasa second floor ng North Wing. Kaya lang windang galore kami kasi nga College of Science na ang nagkukuta dun...saan ang Alumni Office? haha...naligaw ang mga lola mo. Hanap kami ng guards pero ala. Kaya I texted my ROYGBIV friends.They told us na dun na Ang Bahay ng Alumni ay nasa may building na puro salamin sa ma PE building at pool. Omo! Why didn't I see this nung papasok pa lang kami?

So, ayun, we're supposed to take pictures inside ng Bahay Alumni because I thought it's serene and calm. Kaya lang ang ingay nung mga students na galing sa taas. Parang may activities cla sa taas na puro't naka formal pa. Ay di ka makaconcentrate sa ginagawa mo kasi sobrang ingay parang may World War 3?...Noise pollution pa rin ang isa sa mga problem sa PEYUPS.

Habang papalakad kami palabas ni Shiena,bigla ko na lang naalala ang mga college memories ko. So sad kasi sa paglakad ko, alam kong yung past ay di ko na pedeng mafeel ulit. Wala ng takbuhan mula sa Teresa Street papuntang room with my pals, wala ng kainan ng kwekkwek,pizza,fishball at palamig sa labas.Di ko na maiexperience ulit ang magpadaing sa gitna ng freedom park, kumain sa east and west foodcourts, mag ATM as in Automatic Tubig Machine, magpicturan sa harap ng chapel at unyon, makarinig sa rally ng mga aktibista sa popeye, pumila ng buong araw hanggang 6th floor at tingnan ang sumpaan ng ROYGBIV na pumunta sa Star City pagkatapos ng Thesis sa may LinearPark. All of these escapades, made me who I am now. Stronger than anyone else kasi naramdaman ko na ang saya at hirap ngcollege life. Ang sad part nga lang eh, these will all be part of my MEMORIES na lang......

May kanya-kanya na kaming trabaho ngayon. We still keep in touch ng mga college buddies ko but not extreme compare before. Ang hirap na ngang magset ng reunion coz iba-iba na ang mga schedules and available time namin. Pero they will still be great friends that I have ever in my life. See you ROYGBIV~hehe

After ng reminiscing moments sa PUP, we went straight to SM Centerpoint. I remember nung 1st year ako, may homework kami na magwrite ng paragraphs kung paano pumunta sa centerpoint. Eh ang lola mo bago pa lang sa place kasi before we're used to go to my aunt's house in Punta, Sta.Ana via EDSA. Wala pa sa konsepto namin ang StopN'Shop,Avenida, at Teresa.Tanong naman ako sa isa kong classmate.

Me: paano ba pumunta sa SM Centerpoint?
Miss TOOT: Centerpoint? Di mo alam pumunta dun? Ang lapit lang nun di mo pa alam?
Me:...< Ay pasensya naman! TANGA ako eh....bakit masama magtanong? >

Punta kami kaagad sa Odyssey kasi nga gusto bumili ni Shiena ng another Mr.Simple album na si Heechul ang cover...hehe.... Hanap karucha naman kami sa National Bookstore para sa Sparkling Mag na ang latest cover ay TVXQ-Yunho and Changmin at Kara.Pero nilibot na namin lahat ng shelves, ala pa rin. Sabi ng CS, pagwala daw sa display, malamang di daw available. Lungkot mode na sana ako kaya lang swerte namang nakita ni Shiena ang mailap na PULP SuperJunior's SS3 and 2ne1's The Party edition--haha...laking tuwa ko.Tapos yun shopping galore kami ni kambal. While looking for some Gundam robots sa may Toy Section, bigla na lang may kumalabit sa kin. Akala ko Gundam fan din tulad ko na nagiexcuse me, hehe. Yun pala si Ate Lucci.Nakakatuwa lang kasi at least may nakita kaming dati naming college mate.

Pero, ayun, ano pa sasabihin be continued na lang for more diary entries ko dito...hehe... P.S. Sa Mega ba may Sparkling Mag? hehe