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Monday, July 27, 2009

Yoshiki To Undergo Emergency Surgery

X Japan drummer and leader Yoshiki is to undergo emergency surgery, he announced yesterday. He said on his official fan site that he will go under the knife at a hospital in Los Angeles today to treat a herniated disk of the cervical veterbra, a condition that has plagued him for some time. Doctors say that after the operation he will need several weeks of complete rest followed by at least a month of rehabilitation. If his condition hasn't cleared up after several months, he will need further surgery. X Japan are scheduled to perform in France on October 10.

As we all know, the problem with his back (hernia disks I, think ,which Tora of alice nine have too )is a long time problem of Mr.Yoshiki(known to be father of visual kei) since the time of X-Japan when Hide was still alive.

Oh!Good luck to your operation Mr.Yoshiki...waiting for X-Japan's concert with you and hopefully SKIN reunion with Miyavi,Gackt and Sugizo...Yoshiki Fighting!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Korean's Dirty Comments about Filipinos~

His / her comments sound disturbing!That stupid korean ( if he/she is really a true blood korean) for sure, is one of those wannabe frustrated posh in the world...grabe!
HaneulMoon you're a big SHAME!SHAME!PSYCHO!

Here are the comments of HaneulMoon :


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he's not korean, he didn't understand a lick of any koreans i typed so i think he's non-korean, non-filipino....maybe chinese or japanese...shrugs*


Haha you didn't even type in Korean. You typed in romanized wannabe Korean LOL :rolling eyes: Your stupid filipino monkey ass can't even pretend to be Korean right.
I'm going to waste my time and type to you in Korean. No online translator is going to help you either because those never work with Korean or Japanese :rolling eyes:
야 이개자식아 더까불이지마.주굴애? 너같은 쌍놈의 자식은 공부을 더해야되겠어. 목을 메구 죽어라.
이 미친 게이새끼야!


It's funny how you filipino monkeys are so jealous of Koreans that you tell Koreans that they're not Korean. You filipino monkeys are so pathetic. This is my last reply to your filipino monkey ass because you won't be able to understand what I'm saying because no cheap online translator is going to help you:(


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I don't blame your 3rd world filipino monkey ass for being jealous that I'm Korean :-)
You filipino monkeys can never pass for a Korean or even pretend to be Korean no matter how much you worship us Koreans. It's funny how you think you're typing in Korean in those romanized letters that you learned from what? The internet? HAHA!!! No online translator is going to help your stupid faggot filipino monkey ass! You stupid 3rd world monkey gay fuck! Stop begging for gay sex faggot!


YTou say the same shit over and over. Boring shit.  And stop copying and pasting you pathetic fagboy.


Nuh aemi boji bba ruh ssip sse ya. ;)

If you wanna see all his/her replies~click here!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kpop artists on twitter...

Do you have a Twitter account?If you don't have one I think now is the time for you to own one.The reason is simple because many Korean celebrities are on Twitter right now,believe it or not?

Daily K Pop News:


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SUPER JUNIOR 3rd Album Jap. Vers Scans

here is the translation what they had written

LOL @Yesung: How are you doing?I am doing okay

Ryeowook: Fun! Fun! I want to meet (you guys).

Sungmin: Always be beside (you). See you later.

Kyuhyun: (I) want to go meet everyone quickly. Right now i will go meet.

Siwon: I had fun in the performance.

Shindong: I had fun meeting everyone.

Hangeng: I am always really thankful.

Kibum: This time it is regretful. I want to meet you (guys)

I dont understand the rest and/or cant read their handwriting. I really can't read their handwriting anymore.. my sister was very confused too..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lagi na lang ako...ako...ako...

Magaling kasi kayo kaya mali ako palagi para sa inyo...yung isa nakikisingit di naman alam ang buong storya...maliit lang na problema na pwede namang solusyunan sa tahimik na paraan, palalakihin pa at hahaluan pa ng mga agam-agam ng isang ignoranteng nagmamagaling. Hindi naman kailangang problemahin, poproblemahin tapos pag ako na nagsalita, puro mali..mambabaligtad pa...kung alam niyo lang kung gaano ako kagalit...nakikigalit din kayo eh di naman kayo yung naperwisyo...may sarili akong utak, di ako tanga at panikerang katulad niyo. kaya kong magdesisyon sa sarili ko. Hindi sa nagmamayabang ako na kaya ko na. Kaya lang kung sumisingit kasi kayo lumalala ang storya kahit di naman malala. Mahirap pa kayong paintindihin...nakakainis...nakakainis...nakakainis...di niyo naman kasi problema yun eh...sana naman kunting respeto lang...ang baba kasi ng tingin niyo sa kin...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate you all!!!!
Gusto ko naman pahingain utak ko sa lahat ng iniisip ko...wag naman niyong dagdagan ang mga pasanin ko...mahirap na kasi eh...nakakasakit na kayo ng damdamin...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2NE1 Finishes The Day On Top Of The Chart

As of 5 PM in Korea, 2NE1's first mini-album was firmly at the top of both the Hanteo chart and the Cyworld chart, making day one of their sales a definite success.

But who really is surprised? With 50,000 pre-orders it wasn't a hard guess that the girls would be on top today. The more relevant question is, can they remain at the top? Will we be seeing them in one week, still at the top? While there is a good chance that they might be, the girls will need to have a stellar comeback tomorrow on Music Bank to ensure it.

Enjoy your time at the top 2NE1, I have a feeling that it might be short lived, if you don't play your hand right.


Monday, July 6, 2009

top k-artist who you would most like to share an umbrella with

Under Their Umbrellas

On a recent poll on bugs music charts, netizens were asked to choose the artist they would most like to share an umbrella with. The results are nowhere near surprising because SNSD's Jessica grabbed the number 1 spot with more than half of the votes. Some netizens even went so far as to state, "They want to give Jessica the umbrella, and get hit by the rain." Now that's love.

Happy Sunday's Lee Seung Gi got some of his own loving from netizens and nabbed the 2nd place position. Dara of 2NE1 rocked 3rd place, showing that even if she is part of a newbie girl group, they're a force to be reckoned with. 4th place was SHINee's maknae Taemin, 5th was taken by 2PM's Chansung, and last but not least was 4Minute rapper supreme Hyuna.

I know a lot of guys and gals wouldn't mind sharing their umbrellas with these stars, but what do you think? Who really should have gotten number 1?

Super Junior rules the first half of 2009

Super Junior

Hanteo Chart recently released sales figures for the first half (first 6 months) of 2009 and Super Junior's album "Sorry Sorry," which was released in March came out on top with sales of 110,000 units. Fellow SM Entertainment members SNSD / Girls' Generation came in second with their January release of "Gee," which sold 75,000 units. Legendary singer Seo Taiji came in third with "Seotaiji Atomos Part Secret" selling 59,000 units.

With TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki doing sales of over 350,000 for "Mirotic" (not including the over 330,000 preorders for the album) and having top sales for 2008, it seems SM Entertainment has been dominating the charts. It looks like that trend will continue in 2009.

Key Suspect In Boys over flower star Jang Ja-yeon Abuse Case Finally Found

The manager of the late Boys Over Flowers actress Jang Ja-yeon's former management company, Kim Sung-hoon was finally apprehended and brought to Seoul on Friday from Tokyo, where he had been hiding and ignoring the "repeated requests" from the Seoul police to come back to Seoul for questioning. As left in Ja-yeon's suicide note, this was the man that received "sexual favors" from her, as well as forced her to engage in despicable acts with other "media heavyweights."

Just the mere fact that he was hiding so long and then showed up wearing a hat, sunglasses and a face mask just has guilty written all over it to me. He's obviously hiding something, but not for long. Hopefully, now that he is apprehended, justice will be served and Jang Ja-yeon will finally rest in peace.