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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fresh faced 2ne1 and some Corby and Beanpole wallpapers

2ne1 for Vogue Girl

Dara for Bazaar

2ne1's Unseen Photos

Bigbang in Different MAgazines

After School's First Fanmeeting

The sexy ladies of After School had their first ever fan meeting today that included many surprises such as Kahi, Jung Ah and Bekah performing their banned song "Bad Guy" from their first single album New Schoolgirl! Check out the fancam as well as a full fan account of the fan meeting after the cut.

The fan meeting started off with a video clip of the girls travelling in Japan for receiving their Best New Artist Award as well as behind the scene footage of the girls winning their first ever mutizen on Inkigayo. The fan account also stated that the girls performed to Lil Mama's "Lip Gloss" like they did for the Star Dance Battle.

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There were many surprises at After School's first ever fan meeting that happened earlier today in Korea and the fan signing did not disappoint the fans that were in attendance. Besides performing their songs, the members all showed off their individual talents such as Bekah singing Corrine Bailey Rae's "Like a Star", Nana showing off her model walk, Jung Ah singing her OST song, Kahi dancing to T-ara's "Bo Peep Bo Peep", and so on.

Another surprise at the fan meeting was the surprising giveaway of gifts to a lucky member in attendance. Below their seat was a signed CD from After School as well as many other smaller gifts.

cr: afterschcraze @ twitter

However, what surprised fans the most was that the three fiercest members of After School, Kahi, Jung Ah and Bekah, performed their banned track "Bad Guy." The song was banned in early 2009 after After School debuted with their first single albun, New Schoolgirl. The song was banned for the explicit lyrics as well as gunshots in the song.

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The other 4 members, Jooyeon, Raina, Nana and UEE, had a cute performance of FIN.K.L's hit song "To My Boyfriend." NOTE: Fancam is of Jooyeon and Nana only.

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At the end of the fan meeting, leader Kahi read a letter to the fans that caused not only the girls on stage to cry, but also much of the audience and fans in attendance to break down into tears as well. At the end of the fan meeting, the girls ended the fan meeting with a powerful performance of "Because of You" and "Diva."

As many of you probably noticed, there are no longer any blondes (Bekah, Nana and Jung Ah) in the group. They have dyed their hair to brown in preparations for their comeback in March. Stay tuned to OMGKPOP for more updates about After School and their upcoming comeback!

Credits: mangomonster @ omgkpop // AfterSchoolCraze, ASFVault@ yt // AfterSchCraze @ twitter

Promotional Posters of SPAO features Super Junior

Another round of cool and hot Super Junior!
These are only fantakens but its too gorgeous not to share.
SPAO did a good choice for choosing SJ members to endorse their brands.

Enjoy yourselves. They looked so hot!

Oh well. who wears it best?

credits: marenubium;twelfs
reuploaded by: shaynekay@dkpopnews

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lollipop 2 Number 1 @ Monkey's Real Time Chart

Big Bang has just released their new song and it is already #1 on Monkey's real-time chart, overtaking currently released singles like Kara's Lupin, SNSD's Oh and 2NE1's Try to Follow Me.

A representative from YG said, "It's been almost 1 year since Big Bang members have come together to work on a song so I think the fans who have been waiting for their Korean comeback helped them take over the number 1 spot on Monkey."

Teddy, G-Dragon and T.O.P collaborated to create this electronic hip-hop song.

Last year, Lollipop 2 dominated the #1 spot and again this year, it occupies the same spot as the anticipation for Big Bang's new album (scheduled later this year) is heightened.

Original article
via bbvipz


DKP News

Finally! PULP LIVE Productions (together with MYX, most popular music channel in the Philippines), who will bring the most popular KPOP group Super Junior to Philippines just released the official promotional video for Super Junior Super Show 2 that will take place in April 10 this year.

Meanwhile on February 21, tickets for SuShow2 Philippines will be officially release. Reservation of tickets are set too. Filipino ELfs are excited to witness the most anticipated show of the year.

And below is the final stage layout of the show to be held in Philippines' Big Dome Araneta Coliseum.

This is according to Happee Sy, one of Pulp Live Productions' organizers.

posted by: shaynekay@dkpopnews

Thunder's parody of dara's Cass Cf-lol!!!

credit: reviewstar

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Credits: Universal Records Philippines@FB

TVXQ hits #1 again with "Best Of Album", selling 228,542 copies in one day!

With "Break Out!" giving the band a triple Japanese #1 just last month and selling over 300,000 copies, their recently-released greatest hits package is set to surpass the success of "Break Out!".

"Best Selection 2010" was released in Japan today, January 17th and the album has already claimed the top spot of the Oricon daily charts, selling 228,542 copies in one day and overselling the #2 album by over 200,000 copies.

At this point the album has sold more than combined sales of their first two Japanese albums and will most probably surpass the 307,230 copies "The Secret Code" sold last year.

In line with this feat, HMV Japan has confirmed the release of "Tokiwo Tomete", another track from the album, on March 24. However fans may already place their orders starting today.

Looks like TVXQ are on a roll in Japan. Congrats to the guys and I can't wait for the new single!

Source: DNBN
Universal Records Philippines @ FB

MBLAQ's pink wings fansign event!

Finally seeing all the 5 boys attending activites together.

It has been reported that leader Seung Ho suffered from illness not too long ago and he has already missed some big actions like Star Dance battle.

It is great to see 5 of them attending the Lotte Pink Wings event,watch the video clip of the event here!

Autographed BB's 2010 Calendar

source : dcbb

Bigbang's Gara Gara Go nominated for best cHoreography

Big Bang's Gara Gara Go! music video was nominated for Best Choreography Video at the Space Shower Music Awards.

Space Shower Music Awards is a music video festival and like last year, the emphasis of the MVAs will be done through the internet and connected booklets. 70 productions have been nominated in 14 categories from the music videos released in 2009, with each category containing an award, such as the "BEST YOUR CHOICE," which is selected through viewer polling; "BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR," which is chosen from all of the videos combined; and the "BEST ARTIST" award, which is chosen from the artist who produced the year's most outstanding music video.

Beginning February 14th, the nominees will be announced through Space Shower's "MVA Nomination" program. All awards and winners will be announced in a special program airing March 22nd.

See the rest of the nominees here.

Translated by 58468_0 @ arama_translate via sweetflower @ soompi

Best Hallyu Star in Vietnam

A survey was done last December among Vietnamese viewers of KBS World on popular Hallyu stars in Vietnam. The results were released February 16 and Big Bang was #4 in the "Best Hallyu Star" list.

Best Hallyu star:
1. Rain (46 votes)
2. So Nyeo Shi Dae (26)
3. Super Junior (25)
4. Big Bang (22)
5. Kim TaeHee (19)
6. 2PM (16)

Genres the viewers were exposed to Hallyu:
1. Drama (71.2%)
2. Music (14%)
3. Books (6%)
4. Movies (2.8%)

First exposure to Hallyu:
1. TV (60.1%)
2. Internet (21.2%)
3. Radio (5.7%)
4. Direct enquire (5.4%)

Source : StarNews via K-bites

T.O.P's Lollipop 2 Fold-Out Sun Glasses [MISC]

YG Entertainment New Address

YG Entertainment has moved so fan letters should be sent to this address:

397-5 YG Building(5th Floor)
Hapjeong-Dong, Mapo-Gu
Seoul,South Korea
Zip Code:121-886

credit: Big Bang's Official Fanclub @ Daum via bbvipz

2ne1's brain map!!!