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Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's been a long time~

I'm so busy with my job now...I'm an English teacher of Korean students...and since...this month is the peak season...I handle 25 students now...
I'll be posting again on this blog on the day 2ne1 will have their comeback~

And by the way, for all ELFs~here's the schedule of SS3~if you still don't know~

SS3 Schedule!! :)Korea, Seoul : 14th, 15th August 2010China,
QingDao: 28th August 2010Singapore: January 2011...Philippines,
Manila: 26th Feb 2011Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur: 26th March 2011 (Last
Stop)---start to save some money~

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Can't updatemy blog...

I'm super busy now...But I'm active in FB~
I watched "The Secret"(thru Ivoline's training )...
so many things to many things to change...
I feel blessed...Life is beautiful indeed...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dream Concert 2moro!!!

As we all know, 2moro is 2010 Dream Concert!!!...Kpop stars likeSuper Junior, SNSD, 2PM, Wonder Girls, Rain, Lee Hyori, SS501, KARA, After School, SHINee, f(x), BEAST, T-ara,CN Blue MBLAQ, 4minute, U-Kiss, Rainbow, ZE:A, Davichi and F.cuz wil participate...and YG artists will be absent...(gosh!)...This year's MCs are Super Junior's Heechul( Heenim's 3rd dream concert hosting job in a row-from 2008-2010), 2PM's Taecyon and High Kick Through The Roof's Shin Se Kyung..The 2010 Dream Concert will take place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium( where Asia Music Festival was held) tomorrow May 22nd, can buy ur tickets HERE! it costs 5,000 won....

But for those who want to watch the broadcast here is the info:
When: May 23, 2010-Sunday
Where: SBS--Inkigayo time slot
Broadcast Time: 4:10pm in S.Korea

Thank you!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

G-Dragon Ranks 1st on me2day stars!Dara 2nd on the list....OhDara!

Fans have made a tally of the most popular me2day site and we have G-Dragon in the 1st place followed by 2NE1 in the 2nd to 5th position and Daesung in the 7th position. Congratulations! Its celebration!

The List of Rankings are as follows:

1) Big Bang G-Dragon 144,224
2) 2NE1 Sandara Park 96,554
3) 2NE1 Park Bom 72,303
4) 2NE1 CL 67,503
5) 2NE1 MinJi 64,480
7) Big Bang DaeSung 29,626

source: oh! kpop

re-posted at iBigbang Fansite/



Thank you mia1234 for the tip!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Winners At The 29th Hong Kong Film Awards

A list of winners at the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards, announced Sunday at the Hong Kong Cultural Center:

Best film: "Bodyguards and Assassins"

Best director: Teddy Chen, "Bodyguards and Assassins"

Best screenplay: Alex Law, "Echoes of the Rainbow"

Best actor: Simon Yam, "Echoes of the Rainbow"

Best actress: Wai Ying-hung, "At the End of Daybreak"

Best supporting actor: Nicholas Tse, "Bodyguards and Assassins"

Best supporting actress: Michelle Ye, "Accident"

Best new performer: Aarif Lee, "Echoes of the Rainbow"

Best cinematographer: Arthur Wong, "Bodyguards and Assassins"

Best film editing: Kong Chi-leung, Chan Chi-wai, "Overheard"

Best art direction: Ken Mak, "Bodyguards and Assassins"

Best costume and makeup design: Dora Ng, "Bodyguards and Assassins"

Best action choreography: Stephen Tung, Lee Tat-chiu, "Bodyguards and Assassins"

Best original film score: Chan Kwong-wing, Peter Kam, "Bodyguards and Assassins"

Best original film song: "Echoes of the Rainbow" from "Echoes of the Rainbow," composer Lowell Lo, lyrics by Alex Law, performed by Aarif Lee

Best sound design: Steve Burgess, Wu Jiang, "Red Cliff II"

Best visual effects: Ng Yuen-fai, Chas Chau, Tam Kai-kwan, "The Storm Warriors"

Best new director: Cheung King-wai, "KJ: Music and Life"

Best Asian film: "Departures" (Japan)

Lifetime achievement award: Lau Kar-leung

Monday, April 19, 2010

No YG artist for this year's Dream Concert?!

List of 20 performers for 2010 Dream Concert

The 20 performing teams for the upcoming 2010 Dream Concert to be held this coming 22nd May has been revealed.

The ticket sales for 22nd Dream Concert has opened on online site GMarket recently and the list of performers for the concert is also revealed. Go under the cut for more information.

Date: 22nd May, Saturday

Time: 7pm

Venue: Seoul Worldcup Stadium

List of 20 performer teams: 2PM, Super Junior, WonderGirls, Rain, Lee Hyori, So Nyeo Shi Dae, SS501, KARA, After School, SHINee, f(x), BEAST, T-ara, MBLAQ, 4Minute, UKiss, Rainbow, ZE:A, Davichi, F.Cuz etc


"I was a little bit of upset since YG artists will not perform here...but I'm somehow happy to see that WG, bi rain and lee hyori will make their appearance...I just do hope that DBSK will also be here...Miss the old kpop times"

Saturday, April 17, 2010


A hilarious CF for BHC featuring the ballad idol group 2AM has recently been revealed.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

[DKP Exclusive] Super Junior Press Conference at Edsa Shangri La Hotel

Super Show 2 Philippines was a blast for every ELF who attended it. The concert was great and i know everybody who came felt the same way that i felt. But before the concert a press conference was held first at Edsa Shangri La Hotel at 2:30pm. There were a lot of media who came and the conference room was filled with agitated people to see Super Junior. As an author of Dailykpopnews we were given the chance to be part of the press conference and i am here to share with you all what happened during the event.

An introduction about Super Junior was first heard then the cameras were already flashing everywhere and the people were already clapping as we fans who needs to act professionally need to keep our screams to ourselves as the boys entered the room with all smiles seen on their faces. The boys introduce theirselves with their signature introduction~ "Annyeonghaseyo, We are Super Juni-or!" that somehow made the clap louder.

They first had their picture taken with the sponsors and the organizers/producers before the question and answer portion. If only i am given the chance i really really want to ask them about Kibum and Kangin but no, I'm not a media person, i don't have my license yet(LOL).

Note: This are just the things a remember. Thank you for your understanding!

I listened through out the press con and some of their answers really stick into my mind. Most of the time it was Lee Teuk who answered the questions but he also pass the mic to his members so they can answer too. Sweet leader!

There was this question when Dong hae was ask, sorry but i forgot what is it, but his answer was he wants to make a Philippine drama someday. His answer awed a lot of media people but what more about us fans right? I was shocked and i almost screamed on his answer (because i'm a Donghae bias!) and the whole time that was running in my mind was, "Please make it come true! do it! do it!". Hoping someday he can make one.

A media man ask, "Do you still feel stage fright?", Lee Teuk gave the mic to Siwon and he answered it in English "We all pray to God (before we do the show)". Such a religious man! Suddenly i notice Hyukjae coughing, we all know that he is not feeling well right? But he still attended the last stop of Super Show.

Heenim was also ask about his comeback of becoming a radio DJ. And while he was answering he was laughing. To be honest i thought he was sleeping, because all of his hair (exaggerating) was covering his eyes already. But seriously while he was talking his laugh and smile were so cute.

One funny question was about the Teukigayo, of course it points to Lee teuk, Eunhyuk and also Shindong and Teuki said he prepared something for the Philippines, and then he made this funny chant that made everybody laugh.

Again a question was ask about Sungmin and Yesung being part of an epic drama and Sungmin showed his highkick to every one! He was so cool!

To wrap up the whole conference Super Junior was ask what will the fans expect during the concert, and Lee Teuk said that (summarizing what he said) ELF will surely have fun as they will show their singing and dancing skills and there will be this part that they will dress like girls (the Chu~ part).

The conference was a success all in all! It felt like they are not idols, the feeling that you think you are so close to them.

Since this is my post i would like to grab the opportunity to thank Kacey, admin of Dailykpopnews, for helping us to make it through the press conference and most especially to Ms. Happee Sy for giving us the chance to participate on the said event and also for giving us the press con passes.

Here are some of the pictures from the press conference:


WonderGirls on broadcast program for the first time featuring HyeRim

WonderGirls were featured for an interview amidst filming for a new photoshoot on MBC Section TV Entertainment aired on 9th April.

They have appeared on broadcast for the first time with member HyeRim. They are currently preparing for the release of their new album launch in May.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Is it true that SNSD will visit Philippines?

I just saw it from one of the forums and I'm not yet sure if it is true?please reply me all pinoy soshi....

2PM Nichkhun with new hair colour

2PM was in Thailand yesterday to attend MNet M Show King.
Nichkhun also make appearance for Suzuki's Jelato Fan Meeting event at Thailand Motorshow.
There's also a chance for 120 lucky fans to take group photo with Nichkhun.
2 of 120 very lucky fans got the chance to take photo with Nichkhun.

Here's some photo from the event.


Cinderella sister OST vs. Personal Taste OST

hree songs have been released on the same day for OST's for the drama Cinderella Sister, Personal Taste and Prosecutor Princess.

Cinderella Sister's "It has to be you" sung by Yesung of super junior is doing well on the online music charts but Personal Taste's "Nonsense/I cant believe it" sung by Younha is also doing well following right behind "it has to be you" also Prosecutor Princess OST "Fly High" sung by SHINee is also doing well.

These three songs are topping music online charts and it seems to be a popularity contest between the three.

In cyworld and mnet "It has to be you" is topping while in Melon and bugs "Nonsense" is ranked a little more ahead than "It has to be you".

Source: Starnews
Credits: blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews

Saturday, April 3, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE HYUKJAE-aka-Eunhyuk of Super Junior

It's our dear anchovy's Birthday!!!


article from DKPNEWS

Pretty well-made if I do say so myself. Check out this unofficial fan-made music video (made by yours truly *coughs* me *coughs*) for SNSD's "Echo". Basically, a whole bunch of clips from past music videos tied in one. Enjoy watching and comment/favorite!


T.O.P and Seungri's 19 to be released in Japan

credits from dkpnews

T.O.P and Seungri's movie, 19, will be released in Japan on May 29, 2010. It will be released with other Telecinema movies namely, Postman to Heaven, Triangle, Dream Come True, Relation of Face, Mind & Love, After the Banquet and Paradise.

These 7 telecinema works will have a nationwide public release on May 29th (Saturday) through TOHO Cinemas at Roppongi Hills and all parts of Japan.

Telecinema 7 is a joint project of Shin Hyun Korean International Cultural Industry Foundation and the Japan Writers Association.

Sources: Telecinema7 Japan + doyong470521@Yahoo Blogs +
TohoMobile/Chara +

"SHINee's Hello Baby" Last Broadcast

anu ba yan puro na lang farewell...

tsk..tsk..tsk..will miss baby yoogeun...

On April 13th 12:10 a.m. all broadcasts of "SHINee's Hello Baby" will be terminated.

"SHINee's Hello Baby" Last Broadcast Information

Tuesday, April 6 12:10 a.m. - (Last Broadcast)
Tuesday, April 13 12:10 a.m. - Highlights Broadcast of episodes 1~12.

Translation Credit: simone
Credit: SHINee Forums
Source Finder: simone

make #AlwaysKeepTheFaith a trending topic in twitter...and sidenews:for kissme who wants apology from Mo twister

Of course, u probably heard of Avex Ent. and bigeast announcement that our dear TVXQ suspended their Japanese activities...(just suspend it but they're not disbanding) we still have the chance cassies and bigeasts around the world...please protect our boys...

and also join this group for those KPOP fans who want an apology for DJ Mo after saying on his twitter that Ukiss members were lesbians...BE A FAN!

post from dkpnews:(i almost cry when I read it)

When some of us are still drown in pain, another some are still keeping their hope high and continue having the faith on the boys.

Which side will you choose? ;)

These people are trying to make #alwayskeepthefaith as trending topic.
It may or may not work anything in our current situation but it does give a bandage to the pain to see how strong Cassie/Bigeast bond, right? :)


Jay Park posts new video on Youtube channel

2PM ex-member Jay Park posted a new video on his Youtube channel on 1st April.

The video shows his collaboration with Yoshi Wright. This is his 2nd video posted up on his official Youtube channel.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Show Lo Eats 50 Buns And Makes $5 Million

This year, in January, Vic Chou took over after Show Lo endorsed Rejoice Shampoo, and because of this, the two were rumored to be on bad terms But in a short 2 months, Show Lo took over Vic Chou's endorsement of Family Mart. It's said that the endorsement was for $5 million, which was $2 million more than Vic Chou.

"Love for Eating" Makes Deep Impression ; Survey of High Popularity

According to reports, Show Lo is endorsing bread from Family Mart, because Family Mart had surveyed, and he had the highest popularity, and on top of that, news had reported that he liked eating red bean buns/breads, so his "love for eating" image made a deep impression. Usually when celebrities film commercial for food, lots of them would want to throw up after eating so much of the same product over and over again, so they won't actually eat/swallow it. But Show really ate them, every time the director said, "One more time," he'd run to get a bun to eat. For the entire day, he ate about 50 of them, and happily exclaimed, "So awesome!"

Unable To Eat ; Anticipates Eating Ice Cream

On May 15, 16, Show will be holding 3 of his "Wu Fa Wu Tian" concerts at Taipei Arena. Afraid that he'd get fat, his company had given him a "No Snacking" rule. Because this time it was for an endorsement, he can openly eat. Tomorrow he will be going to Shanghai for an ice cream endorsement press conference, so he's anticipating to eat the ice cream. As for the sayings of replacing Vic Zai Zai, Show's manager Howard Chiang said, "Xiao Zhu is endorsing the bun/breads, Zaizai is endorsing the oden/dengaku. They're endorsing different products, no one replaced anyone."

11 Endorsements, Revenue Over $100 Million

Xiao Zhu is the commercial "$100 Million" man ("Yi Ge" = "first brother" = main guy, they punned it with "Yi" = $100 million). Currently he has chips, jeans, sanitary pads, cola, etc...11 endorsements. One of his endorsements is about $8 million, so his total revenue from ads is over $100 million. He's currently secretly practicing and organizing for his "Dance of Life." Because the title of "Dance King" has given him too much pressure, he thought up the idea of a 2 Minute dance solo, and because it uses up a lot of strength/energy, so he says that this is, "Dancing with my life." And for "Jing Wu Men (Dance Gate)," which he did the chair dance for his previous concert, he'll be changing it to a fan dance. He'll soon be closing himself off for dance practice and training, hoping to build up more cut muscles

Aaron Kwok And Zhang Ziyi To Play Aids Couple In 'The Era Of Magic'

Zhang Ziyi and Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok will play a couple suffering from AIDS in director Gu Changwei's first-ever feature film tackling the issue, entitled "The Era of Magic."

Aaron Kwok was spotted on the set in Beijing Tuesday with a bearded and weary look, the Beijing News reports.

The film, adapted from a novel, tells a tragic love story between two AIDS-afflicted lovers. Kwok plays a primary school teacher who is sent from the city to teach in the countryside, but contracts AIDS and develops a crush on Zhang Ziyi's character, also an AIDS patient.

Director Gu Changwei insists Zhang Ziyi as the right actress for the lead, despite her recent embroilment in a slew of scandals about her personal life and alleged donation fraud.

Gu thinks the internationally famous Zhang will ensure a box office cache for the upcoming film.

Reportedly, award-winning actress Jiang Wenli, wife of director Gu, was cast in a supporting role.

Other big names joining the cast for very little pay include Pu Cunxin, Cai Guoqing, Li Xuejian and Li Danyang - all ambassadors of an anti-AIDS public campaign, the paper says, citing unnamed sources.

Wonder Girls Top Taiwan And Hong Kong's Music Charts

After becoming the first Korean artist/group to make it onto the Billboard Charts with their hit "Nobody", the Wonder Girls are showing no signs of slowing down by dominating the music charts in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

After releasing their "Taiwan Special" album in Taiwan last February 10th, they quickly shot to number one on several of the major online and offline music charts such as G-Music, E-Momo Music Channel, Chinese Telecom emomo Charts, etc. It was announced that they even took the top spot on the major KK Box chart this week!

The Wondergirls have sold 25,000 copies of their album in less than two months time. To put that into perspective, the record number of albums being sold by a foreign Asian artist in Taiwan or Hong Kong during a short amount of time stands at 30,000 albums.

A JYP Enteratinment source commented that on top of "Nobody" doing so well in Taiwan, the girls' "Hong Kong Special" album is also being received favorably in Hong Kong. He added that "Nobody's" popularity is growing by the day.

The super girl team has expressed their gratitude in garnering such a great response for their song in not only Korea, but America, Southeast Asia...and now Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The Wondergirls returned to Korea on March 26th, and are currently working on their latest album which is slated to be released in the U.S. sometime in May.

Brian McKnight tweets about concert with Taeyang and Taeyang to perform with BOA in Amsterdam?

Source :

Source : via allkpop

According to AKP, it's just a rumour for now since YG or SM hasn't released an announcement about it. But the site looks legit. What do you think? Will try to get more info on this :)

PS: This isn't also surprising considering how Taeyang's Wedding Dress once ranked #5 on a Dutch radio station.

PS2: I looked at the website and Big Bang's Lollipop 2 is #1 on their charts. XAMFM is an Asian radio station and they also feature Jpop artists.

BBupdates-Electric Love Tour in Japan FULL SHOW Streaming and YG building cafeteria


Credits: Big Bang China

Credits: Cyworld/Baidu Big Bang/

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

True Fan...

When I'm lurking in one of the forums of a kpop artist...I saw this---

I totally agree with this thingy...Since,marami-rami na rin ang nagiging fans ng kpop di 2lad dati, dumadami na rin ang mga antis...kainis...may nagsasabing ang suju puro gwapo lang ala naman ibubuga buti pa daw ang if...meron naman nagsasabi ang snsd magaganda pero ang 2ne1 pangit...o di kaya c Daesung lang ang pangit sa BB kaya ayaw q cya...kahighblood...pero tahimik lang q...
This words also reflects with the KPop community as a whole......bakit ba nila ginagawa yun?...isa lang ang sagot, malamang di pa nila lubusang kilala yung sinisiraan nila...mahilig kc cla sa puro uso lang...whatever goes with the mainstream culture, makiride na lang cla...kita mo, nauso lang ukiss puro ukiss na ang bukambibig ng karamihan kahit yung ilan sa kanila di naman kilala kung cnu ang ukiss...nalaman man nila,,after na nung lumabas ng ukiss sa party pilipinas at magmallshows...kaloka...tapos naglabasan pa ang potek na mga manggagayang popgirls at xlr8 na yan from viva...PPOP daw cla...duh?!...kaya di umuunlad ang Pilipinas eh...

If you are really a true kpop fan, you don't bash other love kpop as a whole...not because gwapo lang yung member o nauso lang dahil nakita mo sa myx...o di kaya napanood mo yung isang member sa bagong drama sa tv...tapos magmamalaki ka na certified fan ka kuno ng kpop kahit ngaun mo lang naman nalaman ang mga bagay2 2ngkol sa mga koreanong yan....

ang true kpop fan, hindi nakikiride sa uso kasi alam na nya ang mga bagay2 bago pa 2 maging uso...

true kpop fan maybe feels the same way...

pero isa lang ang tiyak...

magrereact ang di tunay na fan after nyang mabasa 2...

pero q 2..kaya alang pakialamanan,,,magsulat din kau sa blog nyo ng mga violent reactions nyo wag d2 sa kin...
cnsabi q lang qng ano ang mga agam2 q sa mga bagay2 na naaalibadbaran aq...

World Cup Concert is Canceled!

April 10, 2010 should have been the day where 2NE1, 2PM, 2AM, BEG, T-ara and Beast will perform for the World Cup to support the Korean soccer players for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Due to what happened with the Korean Naval Ship recently, various variety shows and music shows have been canceled and it looks like the World Cup Concert will be canceled as well.

The representatives were sorry for the cancellation of the event.

We can just mourn and pray for the lives of the people who died in the incident.


One Piece Memorial Best Album Tops Weekly Sales Chart

Source: oricon
One Piece Memorial Best, the CD set that marks the 10th anniversary of the One Piece television anime series, sold 82,000 copies to top Oricon's overall album chart for the week of May 15-21. An anime compilation album had not ranked #1 on the same chart since January of 2009, when the Code Geass Complete Best CD accomplished that feat with 50,090 copies.

One Piece Memorial Best contains all of the theme songs and the vocal songs used in the anime on 33 tracks on two discs. The album's initial limited pressing also bundled a bonus extra DVD with all 31 opening and ending animation sequences from the anime, as well as the 4th anime episode.

Eiichiro Oda has been drawing the original One Piece manga in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since 1997. One Piece Film Strong World, the 10th One Piece anime film whose production Oda had personally overseen, opened in Japan in December. Viz Media publishes the manga in North America, and Funimation releases the anime.

Akanishi To Perform In Los Angeles, Rest Of KAT-TUN To Tour Asia

Source: sankeisports
Johnny's Jimusho made two announcements on Wednesday regarding popular boy band KAT-TUN. First, the group will be doing an Asia tour this year. Second, member Jin Akanishi (25) will not be participating in the tour, and will instead be preparing for a set of solo concerts in Los Angeles.

KAT-TUN's tour is scheduled to run from May to August. Most of the concerts will be in Japan, but a few of them will be held overseas. They will perform in Bangkok on July 31, in Seoul on August 6-7, and in Taipei on August 27-28. Other sources say that a Hawaii concert is also being considered.

However, Akanishi is expected to leave for Los Angeles in May to prepare for three concerts on June 19-20. These will be the first solo performances in the U.S. by a Johnny's artist.

This is not the first time that Akanishi has been to Los Angeles. From 2006 to 2007, he took a break from show business and spent half a year there to study English.

After a solo performance in February, Akanishi received an offer from American cable channel UTB, which focuses on Japanese programs. At the time, KAT-TUN's Asia tour had already been finalized, but after discussions with the other members and agency president Johnny Kitagawa, it was decided that the tour would go on without Akanishi. He agreed to three concerts on June 19-20 at the Club Nokia venue at the L.A. Live complex. It is said that he will perform the shows entirely in English.
Akanishi is expected to remain in Los Angeles until October. He will be involved in promotional activities and is considering additional U.S. concerts.

Vampire Knight, 2nd Haruhi Season\'s English Casts Posted

Source: animenewsnet
The North American anime and manga distributor Viz Media announced on Thursday a partial English dubbing cast list for the anime adaptation of Matsuri Hino's Vampire Knight supernatural manga. Ethan Murray (Blade of the Immortal's Kagehisa Anotsu, Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo's Franz) will play Kaname Kuran, Mela Lee (Fate/stay night's Rin Tohsaka, Blade of the Immortal's Rin Asano) will play Yuki Cross, and Vic Mignogna (Fullmetal Alchemist's Edward Elric, Ouran High School Host Club's Tamaki Suou), will play Zero Kiryu. No release date for the DVDs has been announced.

The North American anime distributor Bandai Entertainment has posted a new video on its ASOS Brigade website, the official unofficial site for the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise. "The Return to Bang Zoom! Entertainment! Episode 3" video, which is also posted on Bandai Entertainment's YouTube channel and in this article below, announced that Bang Zoom! Entertainment would be bringing back the original voice cast from the first season. In regards to the "endless eight" string of episodes in the second season, it was also reported that if fans "get the DVDs and watch them all you'll be able to pick out very subtle differences in the performances." No release date for the DVDs has been announced.

In January, a previous ASOS Brigade video originally revealed plans for an English dub track on the second season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
Haruhi Suzumiya: Wendee Lee
Mikuru Asahina: Stephanie Sheh
Yuki Nagato: Michelle Ruff
Kyon: Crispin Freeman
Itsuki Koizumi: Johnny Yong Bosch