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Saturday, January 28, 2012

My fave author replied on my tweet~so haengbok^^!

at last, I found her twitter account na...Kamsahamnida Miss Chinggay Labrador^^! I feel very happy^^!ang babaw q pero I'm very happy talaga... I will surely buy all your books and sparkling mag...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tnx 2 my sis @Shiena2drescue 4 my Sparkling mag~

A while ago, I was asking everyone's help to tell me where can I buy the latest edition of Sparkling Mag because my Yunho and Changmin plus Kara are on the cover. I was just surprised because my twin sister Shiena bought me one. I'm so happy. Thanks sistah! My new addiction ZE:A and Shinee have their pics too...HAENGBOK!

P.S. Kdorama pics are also inside the mag...But one pics that caught my attention was Lee MinHo's City Hunter and God of Study...^^

QUESTION: I have nothing against with Mario Maurer, but what is he doing in a KPOP mag?


The Return of the Comeback-Reminiscing College Memories and new Kpop stuffs

Yesterday, Shiena and I went back to our dearest alma mater-peyups to get our diploma and alumni ID. Sayang lang coz we didn't make kodakan with the beautiful great wall of PUP, Stonehenge and of course ang lumilevel-up na led board...hehe...I heard pa nga na nung foundation day daw, may perya dun sa basketball court na lunggaan dati ng mga topless na hunkies and dugyuties.Meron din daw wall climbing and zip line . Nakakatuwa lang kasi dami ng changes.

Pagbungad pa lang sa gate, nanotice ko kaagad ang mga lady guards. Before,mga lalaking guards and puro nakabantay sa labas. Siyempre, di pa rin mawawala ang mga maaangas na batang walang ID (naloka q dun sa isang guy, sinita ni Ate guard kasi nga di nakasukbit ung ID nya tapos nagalit at halos ipamukha ung ID nya na kinuha niya pa sa bag)MAJOR HAY!Eh alam mo namang papasok ka ng school sana isinampay mo na sa highblood mong leeg ang ID mo para di ka na naabala...naku!COMMON SENSE~omayghad~Yun lang ang problem sa iba. We should follow rules before doing a commotion...

Anyway, we got our diploma sa W116 ba yun?Na lumilevel up na rin kasi glass na ang harang ng maliit nilang window...hehe...After nun, we're supposed to go to Alumni Office na dating nasa second floor ng North Wing. Kaya lang windang galore kami kasi nga College of Science na ang nagkukuta dun...saan ang Alumni Office? haha...naligaw ang mga lola mo. Hanap kami ng guards pero ala. Kaya I texted my ROYGBIV friends.They told us na dun na Ang Bahay ng Alumni ay nasa may building na puro salamin sa ma PE building at pool. Omo! Why didn't I see this nung papasok pa lang kami?

So, ayun, we're supposed to take pictures inside ng Bahay Alumni because I thought it's serene and calm. Kaya lang ang ingay nung mga students na galing sa taas. Parang may activities cla sa taas na puro't naka formal pa. Ay di ka makaconcentrate sa ginagawa mo kasi sobrang ingay parang may World War 3?...Noise pollution pa rin ang isa sa mga problem sa PEYUPS.

Habang papalakad kami palabas ni Shiena,bigla ko na lang naalala ang mga college memories ko. So sad kasi sa paglakad ko, alam kong yung past ay di ko na pedeng mafeel ulit. Wala ng takbuhan mula sa Teresa Street papuntang room with my pals, wala ng kainan ng kwekkwek,pizza,fishball at palamig sa labas.Di ko na maiexperience ulit ang magpadaing sa gitna ng freedom park, kumain sa east and west foodcourts, mag ATM as in Automatic Tubig Machine, magpicturan sa harap ng chapel at unyon, makarinig sa rally ng mga aktibista sa popeye, pumila ng buong araw hanggang 6th floor at tingnan ang sumpaan ng ROYGBIV na pumunta sa Star City pagkatapos ng Thesis sa may LinearPark. All of these escapades, made me who I am now. Stronger than anyone else kasi naramdaman ko na ang saya at hirap ngcollege life. Ang sad part nga lang eh, these will all be part of my MEMORIES na lang......

May kanya-kanya na kaming trabaho ngayon. We still keep in touch ng mga college buddies ko but not extreme compare before. Ang hirap na ngang magset ng reunion coz iba-iba na ang mga schedules and available time namin. Pero they will still be great friends that I have ever in my life. See you ROYGBIV~hehe

After ng reminiscing moments sa PUP, we went straight to SM Centerpoint. I remember nung 1st year ako, may homework kami na magwrite ng paragraphs kung paano pumunta sa centerpoint. Eh ang lola mo bago pa lang sa place kasi before we're used to go to my aunt's house in Punta, Sta.Ana via EDSA. Wala pa sa konsepto namin ang StopN'Shop,Avenida, at Teresa.Tanong naman ako sa isa kong classmate.

Me: paano ba pumunta sa SM Centerpoint?
Miss TOOT: Centerpoint? Di mo alam pumunta dun? Ang lapit lang nun di mo pa alam?
Me:...< Ay pasensya naman! TANGA ako eh....bakit masama magtanong? >

Punta kami kaagad sa Odyssey kasi nga gusto bumili ni Shiena ng another Mr.Simple album na si Heechul ang cover...hehe.... Hanap karucha naman kami sa National Bookstore para sa Sparkling Mag na ang latest cover ay TVXQ-Yunho and Changmin at Kara.Pero nilibot na namin lahat ng shelves, ala pa rin. Sabi ng CS, pagwala daw sa display, malamang di daw available. Lungkot mode na sana ako kaya lang swerte namang nakita ni Shiena ang mailap na PULP SuperJunior's SS3 and 2ne1's The Party edition--haha...laking tuwa ko.Tapos yun shopping galore kami ni kambal. While looking for some Gundam robots sa may Toy Section, bigla na lang may kumalabit sa kin. Akala ko Gundam fan din tulad ko na nagiexcuse me, hehe. Yun pala si Ate Lucci.Nakakatuwa lang kasi at least may nakita kaming dati naming college mate.

Pero, ayun, ano pa sasabihin be continued na lang for more diary entries ko dito...hehe... P.S. Sa Mega ba may Sparkling Mag? hehe

Tnx 2 my sis @Shiena2drescue 4 my Sparkling mag~

A while ago, I was asking everyone's help to tell me where can I buy the latest edition of Sparkling Mag because my Yunho and Changmin plus Kara are on the cover. I was just surprised because my twin sister Shiena bought me one. I'm so happy. Thanks sistah! My new addiction ZE:A and Shinee have their pics too...HAENGBOK!

P.S. Kdorama pics are also inside the mag...But one pics that caught my attention was Lee MinHo's City Hunter and God of Study...^^

QUESTION: I have nothing against with Mario Maurer, but what is he doing in a KPOP mag?


Monday, January 23, 2012

Twinkle twinkle little star when can I have my Ferrari car?

I'm now trying to think of how hard life is. I work everyday for 8 hours just to have enough cash for my expensive getaways. Every payment day, I can't resist buying new clothes, kpop stuffs, concert or trip tickets or even trying a new resto on the block with my family. After a day or two days of living in luxury, here we go to the primitive days. We’re back to the basic. No more enough money in my Tongyang ATM card >_ When I was in college, I can't even afford to buy new pants or shirts. I just buy my stuffs at the ALL TEN PESOS TIANGGE or Ukay-ukay. I can't even eat in Jollibee every weekend. Life was just so simple during that time. I was just contented to watch my Japanese or Korean addictions on the internet. If there's a concert, I'll just say, maybe I'll be there next time...hopefully. I'm just contented watching concert fancams of those privileged kids on Youtube. I just dream at night that I was on their positions. But when I woke up the next day, I was already happy and at ease.
Since elementary, I would actually think studying was really my daily routine. I wake with my twin sister...go to study. That was my life! Every end of the year, I would expect medals for the two of us. It seems like it was just normal to receive those things because we're used to it and there's nothing new and exciting about getting those ribbons, medals or trophies. But my parents were not very strict and didn't force us to study hard just to get those recognitions. We just studied because we want to and we don't think of anything to do. We thought this is our way to get all the things we want in the future. After those years, I realized that I just can use those medals to bargain in Recto, certificates to be "pandingas"
I would say that I have two goals in my life as I grow up. First, to have enough money to sustain all our needs and even our wants. Second, to live happily with my family. And these two goals were not too easy to get.
In the kind of country like the Philippines, we couldn't avoid to strive for the best. We wanted to have better life because we were exposed to poverty and corruption. We wanted to move on as a third world country. We hope to be a country that could jump to richness and fame with US, China, UK and Japan.
In my work as an English Instructor Associate in a Korean company, many workers would actually aim to be the best in order to get more incentives and recognitions from the managers which mean more cash for your waiting palms. You couldn't afford to be the last person on the list. But since other teachers would tend to look for greener pastures, they transfer to another company which offers higher salary.
But try to think of it. Why do we look for more if we can just lessen our finances? Sometimes, the amount of expenses was more than our income. The salary was enough and not below the minimum wage. The only problem here was the way we handle our money. Philippines couldn't be rich at all in the future if all of us were like this. Complains here and complains there.Just like what I've said before, I accepted the fact that I also bought unnecessary things first before those needs.
Simplicity of life-that's the missing words in our life now. As new technology booms, we tried to be updated too. We bought newly released gadgets that would actually satisfy our craving boast. Shopaholics would try to buy for the trending clothes and killer shoes. And those manufacturing companies would try to produce and create more new things because the more the merrier for their monkey businesses. This is the cycle of making money. We knew it from the very beginning and yet we are still avid fangirls and fanboys of this addand pleasures. Maybe, if those things were not invented from the very start, maybe that's the time Philippine economy will be fine.

FANACCOUNT:Isang linggo...pero can't move on...My ZE:A-ntastic fangirling at Market2^^!

Well, one week na ang nagdaan at samu't saring youtube vids na ang napanood ko about sa ZE:A or Children of Empire, but I'm still having SPAZZ HANGOVER with them. Well, honestly, at first I'm not a fan of this band. Or sa more technical ng fanclub term, I'm not a Style. Until recently, I just saw ZEa Philippines and Warner Music Philippines FB posts na they will bring 8 of the 9 boys here (so sad Siwan is busy filming for the MBC drama's 'The Moon That Embraces The Sun') for a fan signing event of their Exciting album.

Since, I'm a Kpop fan, I'll just grab every opportunities na makakita ng band.To add the fact na this was my up close and personal event ever. So, ayun! I texted and PM my fangirling buddies to prepare with me. After so many days of chatting, I will attend with Angge and Shiena. Angge's sister Genesis and Ja-ne couldn't be with us since they're in Baguio for their studies.

Everything went well because available kami ng Saturday. And dahil three-day event yun, sa last day na kami makakapunta. Tyempo rin kasi sa first day ng fansigning wala si Dongjun and Kwanghee. And to tell the truth, sila lang dalawa ang tanda qng members because I saw Kwanghee sa strongheart with Dara and Bom and he's a popular variety show idol star nowadays. Si Dongjun naman napanood ko sa Idol Star olympics and nafeature cya as one of Dara's fanboys kc nga may poster cya sa kwarto niya ng Cass CF ni Dara. Si Dongjun din ang naging Bias ko!LOL! Pero after many years of introduction...ito na...start na ang Fangirling Escapade 101:ZE:A's Fansigning!OMG!

We're supposed to go there as early as 7 AM but since puyat ang mga lola mo because nagkaroon pa kami ng farewell salu-salo for my friend, we went to Market2 at 9AM na. Nagtaxi na kami para mas mabilis...haha...Angge was on the way na rin and nagkita na lang kami dun na mismo.Gulantang galore lang kami kasi nga ang haba na ng queue(haha...para sosyal!)

After so many years ulit...nakabili na kami ng album. Yun nga lang iba ang seat ni Shiena kesa sa min ni Angge.We'll wait for so many hours pa kasi nga 6PM pa ang start ng program. Kaya ayun, chibugan and shopping galore na lang muna kami. Nung mag 3PM na, pumila na kami sa entrance area. Naloka lang ako sa mga guards kasi ang dami naming tanong pero unti lang yung matinong sagot. We were worried kasi baka di kami makasama dun sa makakaupo sa loob. Tanong ko sa guard:

Me: Manong guard, ilan po ang pedeng pumasok?
Guard: kasya...
Me: So, how many po yung kasya? Ilang seats po ba yan?
Guard: Ah...teka...(sabay tingin sa mga upuan taz tingin sa kin)
Me: (Inis mode na) mga more than 100 po ba?
Guard: ah...more than 100...oo..
Me: pero abot din po ba ng 200?
Guard: ah...200...oo...
Me: (Ako lang din ang sumagot sa tanong ko) (@_@)

Bako kami pumasok, nakabili pa kami ng ZE:A flaglets, Dongjun and Minwoo's mini standees plus other Style's stuffs. Daming iba't ibang character fangirls and fanboys and nakita namin. Nandun c Ajumma and Ajussi fans, Lola Kpoper, Umma and Appa fans with their bananaks, si bonnet girl na di umalis talaga sa pila, c nosebleed grammar girl at ang kanyang korean balentong grammar girl din, yellow combi red bakyut, mala justin bieber na beki and the gang, singitera daldalera girl,"takbo-kahit-mawala-ang-sapatos-girl" at c paaegyo kuno2 gal.Naku! sakit sa ulo! Stop pretending na sosyal na fan kayo.Kasi in the end, we're all the same...well, magkaiba lang tau sa pananamit at pagspaSpazz...And also, we should limit our boundaries as fans. Mali kasi yung mananakit at gagawa pa ng commotion bago makapasok.Yung iba, parang gigibain na yung mga harang para makurot lang ang ZE:A...below d belt na yun...

So after 100 years, nakapasok na rin kami sa venue ng mga 6PM something. Napahiwalay na sa min c Shiena. Sa kanya ko na rin pinahawak yung digicam kc nasa gitnang part cya eh kami ni Angge nasa may far left. Pero sadyang lucky lang talaga kami cguro kasi pinalipat kami ni Manong guard sa may VIP sections. Ay naku! Ang bilis ng takbo namin ni Angge kaya ayun nasa first row kami.Todo Spazz na i2! Sayang nga lang kasi yung cam na kay Shiena...haha...pero di bale, bonggang spazz naman kami ni Angge lalo na ng kumaway c Heechul sa bandang amin.OMG! Finollow pa ni Min Woo tapos si Kevin!

Imbyerna lang ung technical problems, hindi ko napanood ang part ni Heechul sa Mazeltov at yung Watch Out perf.Pero bumawi naman si Dongjun with his yummy abs and Kwanghee and the gang's (Heechul, DongJun, HyungShik and Minwoo Be My Baby...LOL!

During the fansigning session, cameras and bags were not allowed (so disappointed). Pero bonggang hello naman ang sumalubong sa kin from Kevin.I freaked out pa ng sabay silang tumitig ni Taehoon. I was supposed to say "Yolshimhihaseyo oppa"(Do your best Oppa) but ended up stuttering with KAMSAHAMNIDA!KAMSAHAMNIDA! sabay bow ng 45 degrees..

Bawal pumikit kasi bawat ZEA members na pipirma, asahan mo na ang greetings nila at "thank you" pati na ang malupit na eye to eye contact! *dies*...Leader jun hyong really looks like Micky Yoochun of DBSK. Napatingin naman ako sa band aid na nakalagay sa bridge ng ilong ni Min Woo. He's so effin cute na medyo kamukha ni Domoto ng Kinki Kids...blonde pa ang hair nya!OMG!...

I totally freaked out na talaga nung makita q c Dongjun na nakatingin and magsay "Hi". Hindi ko na nasabi ang mahiwagang SARANGHAE!..speechless...Sagaran ang ngiti niya and I was just shocked kasi nga mas maliit and cute pa pala ang mukha niya sa malapitan.

Ang pinakabest part talaga eh yung kay Kwanghee.While he's signing my cd, hindi niya ko tinitigan kc sumunod na yung isang album...akala ko wala na...pero tumingin siya ulit sa kin at nagthank you! how cute lang!..

Dun na ko natauhan kay HyungShik. Nakapagsabi pa ko ng "Hello Hyungshik and Heechul". Pero I'm too shy to say "Saranghae" na ng makita ko mata ni Heechul, ang ganda parang nagtwitwinkle at ang kinis ng balat...Hay!

That day was really a major fangirling experience. After nung turn namin, ikot2 at picture2 kami around the stage. We even tried to know where will they go out from the backstage pagkatapos ng event. Para kaming Detective Conan. Tapos nalaman namin na yung backstage eh connected na sa baba sa may parking lot...So, we just decided to stay na lang malapit sa stage hanggang sa umalis cla. At saka natakot na rin kami sa dagsa ng tao na tumakbo. OMG! Parang nagkastampede.Buti na lang andun ang National Bookstore para mapagbalingan ng spazzing.Kaya lang wala pa clang copy ng latest Sparkling mag sa branch na yun. Pero nakahanap naman si Annge ng latest book ni Bob Ong.^^!

At nung mapunta kami sa far right ng stage, bonggang ending ang nasalo namin.Almost all of the members waved on our side before they left the mall sabay hagis pa ni Hyungshik ng pen nya...sayang ang hirap kunin...Haaaay...This was way too different sa concert nung Suju, 2ne1, Jay Park at Fil-Kor nun. Another experience that made me happy...I'm just so lucky to enjoy life in the KPOP world^^! Thanks to my Styles buddies~ Angelica and Shiena!!! Next time ulit...LSS:Mazeltov...