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Friday, November 2, 2012

Fan account: Bigbang Alive Galaxy Tour - Manila, Philippines

It's been a long time since I posted here about some KPOP events. But I'm back spazzing for BIGBANG! Last October 24 (Wednesday) was another dream come true for me and most especially for my sister Shiena who is a daebak Kwon Ji Yong fan. Thanks for Ohdara for giving us another tix just like last 2ne1 The Party. Even it's working day (Wednesday), Shiena,Angge, Genesis and I still pursue our fangirling escapades. Hindi lang ito basta-basta na KPOP group.This is Bigbang (omona!) for goodness sake. So, no one will stop us from watching this concert. Plus, another bonus pa sa concert eh yung makita ang YG Hitech dancers most especially Kwon twins =). Dara was also there watching the boys but I couldn't see her from our sad..TT...Anway, let these pictures tell the rest of the story... ppyong!
As early as 10:00 in the morning, we went to SM MOA Arena kasi as what I've heard from the forum some VIPs will camp out pa daw just to be in front of the queue. At di nga kami nagkamali, when we arrived, so many people lined up already. But the fun thing was andaming magagawa habang nakapila because of Alive Official Merch booth, Samsung Galaxy booth with their awesome giant BB in capsules, freebies and tablets and Jeju Air photo booth and some Bigbang standees and items.
Alive Official Merch booth -> heaven sent kahit mahal keribels lang basta may pangcheer!
Say Cheese with Bigbang in capsules~
Can I just bring home this giant wallpaper with BB's signatures?LOL
Jeju Air with lots of cute freebies and Bigbang standees =) Here are more pictures :
Dara and 2ne1 stuffs : cheering stuffs for Dara : Thanks Ohdara for Dara lightsick