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Sunday, October 2, 2011

SS3 Manila Experience Part 1 (REPOSTED from

I don't know how to start my long detailed experience since I still have SS3 hangover and I'm totally speechless with what I saw last night. Since I've been a Kpop fan for almost five years, this concert will be one of the biggest events of my life. Super Junior was the first KPOP idol that I knew and I can proudly say that I became ELF first before I became a Cassiopeian, VIP, SHAWOL and BlackJack. Before I just saw them on my laptop screen and watched them dancing and singing in Inkigayo, Music Core, Mubank etc.And since I'm still a first year student then, I couldn't afford to buy their albums most especially SS2 last year (which was only few days before my college graduation). But now, I still couldn't believe that I saw them in flesh with Donghae's smile and wave on us after I raised my "You're my Everything Fishy" towel.Pero enough of history, let's start with my SS3 moments with my twin sister Shiena and my ex High School classmate,best friend and co-ELF Angelica.

First, we went to Araneta as early as 10 in the morning because we still need to meet Angelica and we will chat pa since we haven't met for a long time. Plus, we need to buy some cheering stuffs like the towels and flags.

When we were walking to the gateway lobby, my heart was already thumping like hell. Paano ba naman, we saw some of the ELFS with their shirts and posters of SS3 (That's how excited I am). On the Araneta circle, we saw many booths for Super Junior Fiesta. I said to my sis, this is the moment we've been waiting for a long time.Our first stop was the Sungmin's pink lightstick for the fan project. I asked the Korean vendor with matching accent pa kasi nga foreigners katabi ko, "Miss, how much is this?"...kasi nga I saw na nakadisplay yung mga pink heart light sticks. She replied na "ICH NAT FUR SHEYL". Napatagalog tuloy ako, "AH GANUN (eh bat nakadisplay?). I was a little bit frustrated since I want the pink LS.

So, we moved to another booth. We bought Philippines and Korean flaglets and ballers for Angge's sister Genesis whom I know is a certified ELF too. But she couldn't go with us since they're in Baguio. After that, we transfered to some of the stalls pa. We bought Donghae's banner for me and Heechul's for Shiena. My sis also bought Wookie's fan. I told my sis na I need to look for Monjaika's shop since dun kami nag-order ng lightstick namin. I saw Miss Monick pero I was shy to go for a shot. HAHA^^.

We met Angge then we roamed around Araneta with some of ELFS. Since, it was still early, we decided to sit for a while sa Gateway. While waiting for the time, we chat all things about kpop, our classmates etc...But almost of our topics were all about suju...haha^^. We decided to go back to the big dome at exactly 2pm. When we went on the green gate(I think?),there were already long different lines. We didn't know which was the right line that's why we asked Manong Yellow Guard "Which one is the true line teh?" (siyempre joke lang!laking tao nun majombag pa q>in fairness kamukha c manong guard ni james yap>>haha). Ayun, we got our place sa line and we met different people even a girl with her mom and dad(FAMILY BONDING NILA ANG SS3^^HAHA).

Some of the Fan projects leaders and volunteers already gave some cheering stuffs even photocards. The three of us were really glad that we came to the spot early since nagkakaubusan na ng mga anik-anik.

The gate opened at exactly 4:00 in the afternoon. I expected a very strict entrance but I was wrong. We were already inside and upon walking upstairs, I could already hear the loud chants of the fans. Some were running towards their entrances. We found our 403 door and we said goodbye to Angge since she was on the 423 entrance. We looked for our seats and it was a good luck for us since we had very cool seatmates who knew all suju songs. I thought they were Koreans since they were chinitas and sobrang puti(nainsecure tuloy ako^^). They were fans of Kyuhyun and Sungmin. While we were waiting for the concert to start, I could hear my seatmates already singing some of the suju's songs. I sang some of the songs to o with them because they were very kind to us. On our left side naman were three matronas with a boy na fan na fan ni Heechul. I called Angge on the phone to the other side and she waved back to us. She said on her message "Ito na ang pinakaaantay natin after 5 years". OMG! This is it pipz!

Then the lights dimmed, the fans were already crazy including me. A VTR was shown and in just a second...boom! My fishy Donghae was flying to me!BWAHAHAHA! I couldn't breathe simula pa lang...seriously! Bias mo ba naman ang tumambad sayo with blond hair pa...OH MY FISHY TALAGA~Then, SorrySorry Remix was played with the rest of Suju members. I chanted "Oh my Shu-per Girl~" while the korean version was performed followed by Don't Don with Trax' Jungmo and Jay plus Heechul on drums and Henry on violin. The crowd went wild.

The first fan project was a success when ELFs raised their SUJU MAD's heart during NO OTHER perf. The suju boys saw PHELFS' hearts~^^

Next stop was the member's introduction, I was crazy like a fool shouting “Uyubitkal Kim Heechul!Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul!” to Hee.

Siwon was next and he spoke in English which I could barely understand.

Maknae kyuhyun was next with his cute Egyptian costume and dance.

Then Yesung came with Indian style naman.I would agree na ang cute ni Yesung lalo na pag ngumiti cya with his eyes^^ tapos nagsalita cya ng HELLO!...elfs: HELLO!...YESUNG: @%&*&^)!...elfs: @Y^98-^%!...tawa ako ng tawa dito kc bigla na lang cya nagsalita ng kung ano...RANDOM! I shouted AY AMBOT!.hahaha^^

Then cute Ryeowook came with his wookie's India style dance. Ang cute ng voice niya nung sinabi nyang I LOVE YOU!

Sungmin was the next with his Mexican hat and guitar.Syempre, yung kaseatmate namin todo hiyawan na...haha! Then he said "THANK YOU FOR COMING!"...haha...


Then my bias came out...with his UK soldier attire. na may matching drum rolls pa..I shouted DONGHAE! kahit paos na ako...DONGHAE! pa rin...He shouted Hello Philippines! ^^

Shindong with his cantonese costume was next...He's laughing HAHAHAHAHAHA while walking in front of the stage. SH: My name is Shindong...Then he let the crowd say HOO! Elfs replied HOO! and some funny stuffs which I couldn't type in words.

Last was the leader Leeteuk with his epic laughter then he lead the group in introducing themselves as WE ARE SUPER JUNIOR!

After that they performed their different songs na. Here were some of the highlights for me in every performance...

Confession and Good Person- Leeteuk with his crazy head na bumaba dahil sa black costume niya with hyukie, sungmin and wokie (IDK what do u call that thingy) pero he was so funny here...Sungmin accidentally hit siwon...haha...the other boys were roaming around the stage...then donghae got a poster of Shindong with abs. Siwon folded it so that Hae can put on his ang nangyare, parang may abs c fishy~hahaha

Rokkugo- I screamed so loud here because I really want to see this song performed live. Leeteuk started to sit on the stage followed by sungmin and Eunhyuk. Then, Shindong made a funny sexy pose in front of them and Heechul was just laughing behind them. When Shindong lifted his leg and doing some exercise the rest of the boys followed him in just a few seconds. And since Heechul looked jealous(haha^^)...he also posed and lifted his leg so wide that made the Petals screamed~funny and hyper Heechul^^

I'll post the next happening since I was kinda sleepy already...It seems like after SS3, I feel really sick kasi nga I shouted so loud kahit pinagsabihan na ako ni ina and sister to save my voice since it's my puhunan for my work.Eh, di ko matiis...lalo na nung kumaway si donghae...ayan...para tuloy akong lalagnatin...

Anyway, I'll post on this blog this weekends~hopefully^^