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Friday, May 29, 2009

KAT-TUN Concerts May Qualify For Guinness


On Friday, popular boy band KAT-TUN completed their record-setting run of eight consecutive days of concerts at the Tokyo Dome. With a full house of about 55,000 fans at each show, a total of roughly 440,000 people attended the concerts.

Last year, KAT-TUN performed four consecutive days at the Dome. At the time, it tied for the record with British rocker Sting, who also did a four-day stretch there in 1988. However, KAT-TUN's recent concerts have now doubled that record.

Their management agency, Johnny's Jimusho, is hoping to have this achievement officially recognized as a Guinness World Record under "most consecutive concerts at a venue with a capacity of 50,000." It appears that someone affiliated with Guinness happened to be at the Tokyo Dome, so the agency has requested verification of the record.

With the success of these concerts, KAT-TUN has scheduled many more to extend their tour. They had originally planned for these 8 shows to be followed by 3 at Osaka Dome on May 29-31 and 2 more at Tokyo Dome on June 14-15. They have now added 17 more shows in 6 other cities, starting in July.

More "Gokusen" Cast Details

With "Gokusen: The Movie" less than a couple months away, a new announcement has revealed that six more actors from the drama's earlier seasons will be returning, including Shun Oguri and Mocomichi Hayami.

The movie is already known to focus on the cast of the show's third season, which aired in 2008. It was previously announced that Yuya Takaki, Haruma Miura, and Yuta Tamamori are part of the main cast. At the end of last month, it was also revealed that the second season's Kazuya Kamenashi was added to the cast.

Now, the number of returning alumni has again increased, adding three students each from the drama's first two seasons. Oguri will represent the first season, along with Yuma Ishigaki and Hiroki Narimiya. From the second season, Hayami will be joined by Teppei Koike and Keisuke Koide.

Although all six played delinquent students in their respective seasons, they have grown up to become respectable members of society. Together with Kamenashi's character, who has become a teacher in training, these graduates will lend their support to the beloved teacher "Yankumi," played by starring actress Yukie Nakama. This movie is said to be Nakama's last time to take on this role.

Filming for the movie finished on May 13. The picture opens in theaters on July 11.

Utada Is 1st Japanese On U.S.'s Top 100 CDs Since 1986


Earlier this month, singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada became the first Japanese musician to have a top 100 album on America's Billboard 200 chart in over two decades. Utada's This is the One album debuted at #69 when it was released on physical CDs in the United States on May 12. With the album's digital release in March, Utada became the first Japanese musician have a top 20 album on Apple's online iTunes retail store in the United States.

The last Japanese representative on the chart was Loudness, which ranked #64 with Lightning Strikes back in 1986. The Japanese artists who previously earned this distinction were Kyu Sakamoto (1963), Isao Tomita (1974-1977), Tsutomu Yamashita (1976), Yellow Magic Orchestra (Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi, and Ryuichi Sakamoto during 1980-1984), and Yoko Ono (1980-1984).

Newbie Actress Woo Seung Yeon Commits Suicide


Newbie actress Woo Seung Yeon (24) was found hung by her family on the 27th. The death is being ruled as suicide and the police have released the statement "Although there is no will found, before her death, she sent a text message to her younger sibling saying 'I'm sorry.'" She is known to have been suffering from depression after failing an audition and breaking up with a long time boyfriend. A family member revealed that she had received treatment at a hospital for her depression, but it had worsened in recent weeks and caused her to commit suicide.

Woo Seung-yeon started off as an internet uljjang, before modeling, and had even branched out into acting, appearing in the movie Herb and the mobile sitcom Yap. Her most recent role was in the movie Private Eye, which was released earlier this month. She was born in 1985 and was planning to return to return to her school, Joong Ang University where she was majoring in French Language & Culture.

In addition, her cyworld is getting attention as it was revealed that she wrote a message titled "Good-bye" on the 25th and had changed her background music to Toy's Sorry and Time Alone. Because the guest book function on her cyworld is closed, netizens have left their condolences through comments under her picture uploads.

*****What's happening in korea? why many known personalities commit suicide?

Big Box Office Expected For "Rookies" Movie

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The "ROOKIES" movie, opening this weekend on May 30, is looking to be a smash at the box office, based on advance ticket sales and fan response. Officially titled "ROOKIES -Sotsugyo-," the film continues the popular drama series that aired on TBS last year.

To help promote the movie's premiere, an event was held at Yoyogi National Gymnasium on Wednesday, attended by the main cast members such as Ryuta Sato and Hayato Ichihara. Said to be the largest such event ever for a Japanese film, all 12,000 tickets (at 3900 yen each) sold out in just two minutes.

For the movie's opening, about 240,000 tickets have been sold in advance, surpassing even last year's hit drama-based film "Hana Yori Dango Final." That picture went on to gross 7.75 billion yen during its theatrical run, which was the second highest gross for a domestic film in 2008.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shinee+ BOF news

SHINee released thier new mini album
SHINee has released their new mini-album "Romeo".
Track Listing:
01 니가 맘에 들어 (Talk To You)
02 Juliette
03 차라리 때려 (Hit Me)
04 세뇨리따 (Senorita)
05 잠꼬대 (Please, Don't Go)
06 소년, 소녀를 만나다 (Romeo + Juliette)


T-money card issuers have signed with Korea Smart Card and Etude House's Lee Min-ho (from Boys Before Flowers fame) to design a special Limited Edition card. What kind of card would that be you might ask? Well, Lee Min-ho's handsome face on the card, what else!
The T-money cards can be used as payment and transportation cards in Korea. T-money card payment service partners with Etude House to celebrate its 1 million production on May 1st. It is hoped that this special limited edition Lee Min-ho Etude House T-money cards will entice women to get the card. It's a marketing strategy...that i think would certainly work! If i were in Korea, i would definitely want that Min-ho T-money card! GIMME THAT CARD!
Source: JKnews
Credit :Kpopped!


Blog Entry 2009 Korea Junior Star Awards
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @
‘Flower Boy’ Kim HyunJoong, Kim Bum...competes for best newcomer, daesang in drama section
The lead actors for this year’s hottest drama KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’, Kim HyunJoong and Kim Bum will compete against each other in ‘2009 Korea Junior Star Awards (KJSA)’. Both of them has been selected as one of the candidate for daesang and newcomer awards in the drama section for ‘2009 Korea Junior Star Awards’. This award ceremony is to present acting awards to youngsters who will be in charge of the next generation’s hallyu wave and other child actors.
‘Korea Junior Star Awards’ sponsored by Korea Movie Producer Association will be held on 23rd, 2pm at Seoul KwangJin-gu NeungDong Universal Art Center.


Kim Joon is the glue that sticks F4 together
Very similar to his role in Boys Before Flowers, Kim Joon is the one who binds the F4 together. In the drama, Joon plays Song Woo-bin who's usually uninvolved romantically but provides his friends support and a listening ear to their problems. In real life, Kim Joon also acts like a "big brother" (and in actual fact he is the oldest among the four) and shows support to his F3 friend's projects.
Kim Joon and T-MAX showed up to support Lee Min Ho in his recent Cass Beer club event and even stood on stage with Min-ho to promote a healthy responsible drinking habit. Joon also congratulated Kim Bum on his new projects and attended a fan meeting with the youngest of the F4 members.
Even with their busy schedules, F4 reunited (not so sure about Kim Hyun-joong though) to work on the Special Edition music drama. To work on this post-drama project, it was reported that Kim Joon had a hand in rounding the boys up. He personally contacted them. With that, Joon played an important role in making the special edition project a success. Since it's launch on Mnet, the music videos have been viewed by a whopping 11 million viewers.
Some might say he isn't as popular as the other three guys and thus has more free time but perhaps he's just a regular nice guy and values his friends.
Source: Osen
Credit: Kpopped!
Tags: kim joon

SS501 Kim HyungJoon, ‘Challenges Acting!’ Changes into an actor

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @
Casted for the role of the son of a wealthy family in Korea-Japan joint production ‘Tele Cinema’
SS501 Kim HyungJoon will challenge himself on acting as an actor.
Kim HyungJoon was made one of the lead actors for the Korea-Japan joint production ‘Tele Cinema’. Kim HyungJoon will thus debut as an actor after being a radio DJ and a regular MC for variety program. He will be doing both singing and acting concurrently just like other members of SS501, Kim HyunJoong who acts in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and Park JungMin in musical ‘Grease’.
Kim HyungJoon will act as a rebellious son of a wealthy family, with novelty charisma in this drama, title yet to be confirmed. Kim HyungJoon’s partners for this drama are Bae SeulGi and Son HoYoung.
Kim HyungJoon secretly finished his filming at Seoul and Kyunggi-do, etc, in mid-April. Kim HyungJoon had to do various fighting actions during the filming and generously showed his acting with his actions. A close Kim HyungJoon source said “Kim HyungJoon had a strong image of being a magnae or a cute little brother previously. However, through this drama, he will show us the cool side of him as a man.”
‘Tele Cinema’ is a drama jointly produced by Korean actors and famous Japanese drama producers. DBSG’s Hero JaeJoong, Han HyoJoo, An JaeWook, Kang HyeJung, Lee JiAh, Kang JiHwan, Big Bang’s Top & SeungRi, Heo LeeJae, etc have already participated for this series. It will be first broadcasted through SBS this year and later through public TV channels in Japan.

Who's the Coolest Lady Killer?

Who is the coolest lady killer? A week-long online poll launched by CRIonline Showbiz has the answer. South Korean star Lee Minho came atop the list, beating down 'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson, Chinese pop singer Han Geng and a member from Taiwan boy band Fahrenheit , Wu Chun .
Lee Minho
Impression: Handsome boy featuring curly hair, very clean look and slim and muscular body.
'Boys Over Flowers' star Lee Minho became famous overnight. He was one of the most popular Korean stars in the first half of the year.
"Boys Over Flowers" is a 25-episode South Korean television drama in 2009. This is the Korean drama adaptation of the Japanese manga 'Hana Yori Dango', also an equivalent of Taiwan drama 'Meteor Garden' and Japan's 'Hana Yori Dango' (TV series).
Han Geng
Han Geng (born on February 9, 1984), better known in Korea as Hankyung, is a Chinese pop singer and actor.
He is the only Chinese member of the large boy band Super Junior and the leader of its subgroup Super Junior-M.
As a member of a Korean music group, he has been an important contributor to the Korean wave in China.
Wu Chun
Wu Chun, is a Brunei-born actor, singer, a former model, and gym instructor.
He is the only non-Taiwanese member of the boy band Fahrenheit, and is known for his roles in the Taiwan idol dramas 'Romantic Princess', 'Hanazakarino Kimitachihe', 'Hot Shot' and 'Tokyo Juliet'.
CRI Online

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sandara Park in her new girl group and career in korea....

When I first saw Sandara Park here in the Philippines through Star Circle Quest, I thought she's another random aspirants who's not more than a beautiful face...sabit lang sa kasikatan ng F4 fever during that time...and then, she somehow won the hearts of many Filipinos because of her famous line "Mahal ko kayo!"...She was even tagged as the "Pambansang Krung-Krung ng Pilipinas"...She was partnered with Hero "Mahangin" Angeles who won the SCQ Teen edition and later on left her as his yun dumami ang projects at sumikat cya sa Pinas... Pero di cya tinantanan ng mga antis...di daw cya magaling na artista...pero kung ating titingnan kaya lang naman nahihirapan cya sa pagexpress ng sarili niya ay dahil sa culture difference and language barrier...mahirap kayang maculture shock..taz dagdagan pa ng problems niya with her family...dahil sa mga intriga, she left the Philippines.
Lat month, when I was searching something about my Kpop idols, I saw a news clip about her na kinuha cya ng YG Entertainment (One of the biggest talent company in Korea)...She starred in one episode of korean drama Iljimea (kinda forget d title)and acted with TOP(Big Bang member) in one of kpop music yun nga lumabas ang balita about sa "Female Big Bang"...lumabas yung lollipop mvs ng 2Ne1 with bigbang...she's now a member of 2Ne1 with a screen name "Dara"...When I saw their Debut performance in Inkigayo,,wah!nag-iba na c Sandy...gumaling na cya!...I'm still looking forward for her succcess...Sandara Fighting!

Watch 2Ne1

3 new movies + 1 stageplay

New film stars Kazuki Kato, brings back Manabu Oshio

A new movie from director Eiji Uchida will feature actor Kazuki Kato ("Kamen Rider Kabuto," the "Prince of Tennis" musicals) in his first solo film lead. Titled "Dakara Oretachi wa, Asa wo Matteita," the suspenseful plot involves a group of eight men who converge in an unexpected situation.

The central stage is behind the closed doors of a high-class pawnshop. Kato (24) stars as a member of a group of thieves who has an unexpected past. Also playing a professional thief is Manabu Oshio (31), who is making his comeback to the field of acting after more than three years. Oshio last appeared in the 2006 series "Satomi Hakkenden," before getting married to actress Akiko Yada (30) later that year. In 2008, he transferred to Avex in hopes of reviving his singing and acting careers.

The rest of the cast includes Takashi Nagayama (30) as an apprentice to Oshio, and Shinji Takeda (36) as the pawnshop owner. Theatrical release is scheduled for February 2010.

"Sengoku Basara" takes to the stage

The popular Capcom action game "Sengoku Basara" (also known as "Devil Kings") is being adapted to theater. The video game has already had multiple sequels released, in addition to anime and manga adaptations.

The story is set during Japan's Sengoku period and revolves around two warlords, Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura. Masamune will be played by Yuki Kubota, best known as the character of Keigo Atobe in the "Prince of Tennis" musicals. Yukimura will be played by Shinwa Kataoka, who served as Go-On Blue in the recent tokusatsu series "Engine Sentai Go-onger."

Daisuke Nishida of the theatrical troupe AND ENDLESS is writing and directing the "Sengoku Basara" stage adaptation. Performances will be held at Tokyo Dome's Theater G-Rosso from July 3 to July 12.

Seto Koji and Suzuki Hiroki in new Ju-On movies

There'll be two new movies; Setomaru will be in Ju-on: Kuroi Shojo [Black Girl] and Zukki will be in Ju-on: Shiroi Roujo [White Woman]. Both will be released on June 27th.

JU-ON: KUROI SHOJO stars former Morning Musume member Ai Kago as Yuko, a nurse caring for a young girl named Fukie who has a cyst growing inside her body. The cyst turns out to be the grudge of Fukie’s unborn twin, and soon the curse spreads to her father, transforming him into a homicidal madman. When Fukie’s sister and mother trying to stop the Ju-On it retaliates with even greater fury.

Cast List

Ai Kago
Koji Seto
Yuri Nakamura
Maria Takagi
Hana Matsumoto
Yuno Nakazono
Kana Tsugihara
Ryota Matsushima
Masanobu Katsumura

JU-ON: SHIROI ROJO stars nineteen year old J-idol Akina Minami as Akane, a high school student who can sense supernatural phenomena. After failing the bar exam, a distraught young man murders his parents and siblings and then hangs himself. At the crime scene, police find an audio recording of the man and an unidentified female voice saying “Go now”.

One of the victims was the childhood friend of Akane’s. And now Akane keeps seeing a ghost in a yellow hat and carrying a red handbag just like she and her friend had back in elementary school…

Cast List

Akina Minami
Hiroki Suzuki
Aimi Nakamura
Marika Fukunaga
Akiko Hoshino
Takuji Suzuki
Tsuyoshi Muro
Ichirota Miyagawa

Source: Gekipuri

Kimeru's new album and Koda Kumi's new single

Singer and actor Kimeru will release his fourth studio album DISCOVER on June 17th. The album will feature three previously released tracks: SHI・RU・BE, SPIRAL and IMAGINATION IN THE DARK, plus more for 12 tracks total. The album has been produced solely by Kimeru and the track RED SPARKLE will feature guitar work from ROLLY (producer of Kimeru's single Koshite Kimeru!). The CD cover will be designed by popular cartoonist Konomi Takeshi, who is well-known for his manga series The Prince of Tennis.

click here for his official website

After collaborating with her sister misono on the single It's all Love!, pop diva Koda Kumi will release a new, as-yet-untitled, single in July. This will be her first solo single in almost 7 months, her first since the ballad stay with me released in December. More details about its content and release date will be annnounced later.

click here for her official website

Utada Hikaru to Collaborate with Her Parents

18.05.2009 18:22 - Kay, Claire
translation: Claire
source: CDJapan
Pop singer Utada Hikaru will release a new single on August 21st. Titled 9 Sai no Omoide, the single will be a collaboration with her parents as the special unit U3, though further details of the single are currently unknown. Utada Hikaru's mother, Fuji Keiko, is an enka singer who had success in the 60s and 70s and her father, Utada Teruzane, is a record producer, who has overseen the careers of both his wife and daughter.

An Cafe First Budokan Appearance, New Releases and More

18.05.2009 08:56 - Kiri, Rast
translation: Claire
source: Sarah.J
An Cafe have announced their plans for the next year, starting with a new album in early September, which is currently untitled. They will then embark on a livehouse tour, titled King of NYAPPY GO AROUND, starting at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA' on September 10th and finishing on October 18th at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. After this, they will hold a ZEPP Tour, including all of the ZEPP venues apart from Tokyo. This tour will be called King of ZEPPY GO AROUND and will start on November 16th at ZEPP Osaka and finish on December 7th at ZEPP Sendai. Finally, on January 4th, An Cafe will hold a one-man at Nippon Budokan, titled King of Harajuku Dance Rock~ Ikinari Nyappy Legend.

The band will also release a new single in August, though the title and exact release date are currently unknown. It will be released in three editions, each coming with two tracks. One edition will come with a PV, another with live footage and the third with the CD only. Everyone who buys all three versions will enter a draw for a meet and greet with the band during both of their upcoming tours King of NYAPPY GO AROUND and King of ZEPPY GO AROUND.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Boys over Flower craze still continues...


Only four more days and the Goo Jun-pyo, Yun Ji-hu version of the music drama will be released through ‘MNet’ this coming 19th. The background music for the second music drama will feature ‘My Everything’ for Goo Jun-pyo’s story and ‘Sometime’ for the story of Yun Ji-hu. ‘Planet 905 Production’ stated:

For Yun Ji-hu’s portion of the music drama we’ve included scenes that were cut from the original drama. Also, along with the second music drama we plan on releasing a short ‘making film’ which shows behind the scene episodes.

So it looks like with the release of the music drama, ‘BOF’ fanatics will finally get to find out what happens to the Goo Jun-pyo and Geum Jan-di couple.
For those that may have missed it, here is So Yi-jung and Song Woo-bin’s episode of the music drama.

source: POPSEOUL

An Cafe First Budokan Appearance, New Releases and More

18.05.2009 08:56 - Kiri, Rast
translation: Claire
source: Sarah.J
An Cafe have announced their plans for the next year, starting with a new album in early September, which is currently untitled. They will then embark on a livehouse tour, titled King of NYAPPY GO AROUND, starting at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA' on September 10th and finishing on October 18th at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. After this, they will hold a ZEPP Tour, including all of the ZEPP venues apart from Tokyo. This tour will be called King of ZEPPY GO AROUND and will start on November 16th at ZEPP Osaka and finish on December 7th at ZEPP Sendai. Finally, on January 4th, An Cafe will hold a one-man at Nippon Budokan, titled King of Harajuku Dance Rock~ Ikinari Nyappy Legend.

The band will also release a new single in August, though the title and exact release date are currently unknown. It will be released in three editions, each coming with two tracks. One edition will come with a PV, another with live footage and the third with the CD only. Everyone who buys all three versions will enter a draw for a meet and greet with the band during both of their upcoming tours King of NYAPPY GO AROUND and King of ZEPPY GO AROUND.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Third Album from Kato Kazuki

16.05.2009 16:46 - Rast, R
translation: Kay
source: Official Homepage
Singer-songwriter Kato Kazuki has announced the release of his third album for July 15th. Through details are yet to be revealed, the album, titled GLAMOROUS BEAT, is expected to include his most recent singles EASY GO and Venom.

On a site note, his upcoming single EASY GO will be released on June 10th and will be used as the opening theme song for the anime "Katekyo Hitman REBORN!" It will also include the b-side Dead Or Alive and the single will be available in three editions: a limited which comes with a bonus DVD containing the PV and the TV-spot for EASY GO, a regular version containing an additional third track named HOME and an anime-themed edition. The anime-themed edition will feature the same content as the regular version, only with a different jacket artwork.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Teppei Koike Single

15.05.2009 13:54 - Rast, R.
translation: Claire
source: Jame World
WaT member Teppei Koike will release his first solo single in over two years on June 24th. Titled Kimi dake, the single will also include the b-side Laugh Lighter and will be available in two editions. The limited one will also come with a DVD featuring a documentary and recording footage, and the regular version will include an acoustic version of his first single, Kimi ni okuru uta.

Suju's Cyworld Link

Korean CY click here

Korean CY click here

Han Kyung
Chinese CY click here

Korean CY click here

Ye Sung
Korean CY click here

Shin Dong
Korean CY click here

Sung Min
Korean CY click here

Eun Hyuk
Korean CY click here

Dong Hae
Korean CY click here

Kyu Hyun
Korean CY click here

For now, only 9 members' cyworld links are available...I will wait for the other 4...saranghae!

source: Tracy Jieying Chia of facebook

Friday, May 15, 2009

miyavi to Tour Europe Again!

miyavi to Tour Europe Again!

25.04.2009 11:18 - Tessa
translation: Kay
source: Neo Tokyo
miyavi stayed true to his promise of coming back to Europe and a new, more extensive tour has been announced:

19.09.09 DK Gorbunova, Moscow, Russia
20.09.09 Glavclub, St Petersburg, Russia
22.09.09 Pakkahuone, Tampere, Finland
23.09.09 Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland
25.09.09 Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
26.09.09 Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
27.09.09 De Helling, Utrecht, the Netherlands
29.09.09 Huxleys, Berlin, Germany
30.09.09 Gasometer, Vienna, Austria
01.10.09 Diesel Club, Budapest, Hungary
03.10.09 Muffathalle, Munich, Germany
04.10.09 Musicdrome, Milano, Italy
06.10.09 O2 Academy, London, UK
07.10.09 Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France
09.10.09 Transbourdeur, Lyon, France
10.10.09 Ramier, Toulouse, France
11.10.09 Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain

Ticket sales will start on April 29th. In addition to the European concerts, it has been mentioned that the tour will take him to South America again too, but this is yet to be announced.

The GazettE interview

The GazettE interview

interview - 04.08.2006 13:00

author: Katharina + thond

translation: Curi

Interview with The GazettE in Bonn, Germany, one day before their two first overseas concerts. Ruki, Aoi, Uruha, Reita and Kai answer questions about performing in Europe, their songs, their own idols and more!
� JaME
Press conference with The GazettE in Bonn on July 28th, 2006

The two concerts on Saturday and on Sunday are your first gigs outside of Asia. Are you nervous ?
Kai: Of course, we are.

You recently changed your name from �Gazette� to �The GazettE�. What�s the reason for this ?
Ruki:That�s only because of visual reasons. The writing �The GazettE� is supposed to have the effect of a logo on the viewer.

How are The GazettE songs made?
Ruki:At first we compose the music, then I add the lyrics.

When will your next European tour start?
(everyone laughs)
Ruki: We will announce that the next time.
Kai: I�d really like to play in Germany again.

Which band member writes the lyrics for your songs and where does that person get their inspiration from? Which song would be a concrete example for that?
Ruki: (raises his hand) I write the lyrics. I am often inspired by sad things such as war or murder which I hear of in the news. A song that expresses something like this would be �Saraba� from the �DISORDER� album, for example. It rather refers to the situation in Japan, though.

What influences your music?
Aoi: The are no specific factors. It depends on the band members� tastes. Everyone adds what they like.

Your first concert outside of Asia is held in Germany. Why here of all places?
Ruki: There is no special reason.
Kai: We wish to be able to perform in all counties of the world and to show our style to everyone.

Who are your musical and artistic idols?
Aoi: Before The GazettE started, we liked bands from the Japanese rock scene, of course, such as X Japan or Luna Sea.

Are there any western musicians that you see as idols?
Ruki: (thinks about it but stays quiet)
(everyone laughs)
Aoi: (questioning) Helloween?

Where does the name �Gazette� come from and what does it mean?
Ruki: �Gazette� is based on the word �cassette�. We just changed it a little to make it sound better. The term �cassette� itself stands for the fact that we don�t make a highly technical kind of music, but every instrument is played and every song is written by ourselves. To make it simple: Everything is handmade.

How did you get to know each other?
Ruki: Uruha, Reita and me played in a band together at first. Aoi and Kai did so as well, so we were �rivals� of some sort. At first we worked with another drummer, then Kai joined and we formed our group together.

Are you also friends in private?
Ruki: At the moment we almost don�t have any free time at all. We�re always together.
Aoi: We understand each other as friends, but when it comes to the music, arguments pop up from time to time.

Why do you make music?
Ruki: For myself there is no other way to express my feelings and thoughts other than through music and singing.

Bands like Dir en grey and MUCC stamp the �visual kei� image over here. In which way do you see yourself connected to them and the �visual kei� image in general?
Uruha: We�ve got our own style and do our own kind of music. We do not want to be put into categories or compared to others all the time.

The slogan of your latest tour in Japan had been �Nameless Liberty�. These words can be seen as well on the cover of your recent album �NIL�. Do they have a special meaning for you?
Ruki: They express that future success can�t be taken for granted by us and by others.

Have you been able to see Bonn already?
Kai: Unfortunately, we didn�t have the time to do anything in the city or to go sightseeing yet.
Aoi: I walked around today and visited the Beethoven house.

In which way are your look and your style part of your image?
Ruki: Our image is mostly made up of our music and our lyrics. Style, make up or clothes are not closely linked to it. Our outfits change from single to single, from CD to CD.

Is there anything that you would�ve liked to see or experience in Germany?
Kai: Unfortunately, we missed the FIFA World Cup�
(everyone laughs)
Aoi: Last year we recorded the promotional video for our single �Cassis� in Austria. We had a stop in Frankfurt/Main to switch planes. Even back then, we all wanted to see more of Germany.
Kai: We�re really happy to be here again.

Did you prepare yourself in a special way for your concerts in Germany? Are there major differences from your lives in Japan?
Ruki: We make our concerts here in the same way as in Japan. We don�t want to make any differences but show the same side of us to our German and European fans as to our Japanese ones.

Thanks to The GazettE, Rock Identity and the AnimagiC organisers as well as Laura Knoll for the photos of Saturday�s live.

the GazettE interview in Finland

the GazettE interview in Finland

interview - 17.11.2007 12:00

author: Matron & Adeleine

translation: Adeleine

JaME interviewed the GazettE before the final stop of their tour in Helsinki on October 30th, 2007.
� the GazettE, PS Company, JaME
The doors to Tavastia were already open and the enthusiastic audience was swarming inside when we headed backstage to interview the GazettE. Because of the tight schedule, the members were split up and JaME was given the chance to interview Aoi and Reita. Both had their make-up done and gig outfits on, since it was only an hour until the concert. The interview was relaxed as the members were both excited and responsive, and Aoi was strumming his black guitar.

Reita: (sits down) Hello, my name is Kai! (in English) (everybody laughs)
Aoi: He's lying! I'm Aoi. (in English)

Hello, we are from JmusicEuropa. Thank you for this interview.

Reita & Aoi: (they bow) Nice to meet you. Thank you. (in English)

How have your concerts in Europe been so far? Are you already feeling tired?

Aoi: The tour has been wonderful. So many people come to our concerts and we've been more and more excited at each concert.

How do you like Finland and what have you done here?

Reita: Your country is very beautiful and exotic. We have gone shopping at shopping centers nearby and eaten out, mainly alone. In my case, too many fans noticed me and in the end I had to arrange a signing session of sorts.
Aoi: (in a sad tone) But no one recognized me! (everybody laughs)

Aoi, you and Uruha both play guitar solos in your songs. Is there any competition between you two because of this?

Aoi: (laughs) Of course there is no competition between us, because after all, our working is based on continuous teamwork. Uruha plays a solo if he has a deeper emotion or affection towards the song and vice versa. Many our songs have guitar solos from both of us, though, so we are very equal as guitarists.

NIL and STACKED RUBBISH were such different albums. Will your style change in the future or are you now what you ultimately want to be as a band?

Reita: You can never be sure about the future, because everything is possible, so that's hard to answer. We don't want to be labeled into one category. We'd rather make the kind of music that feels good at that moment. And our present musical style represents us the best now.

How are your music videos and songs related to each other?

Reita: Our songs are almost never directly related to the videos.
Aoi: The material in the video is rarely related to the lyrics. We want to give our fans some space for imagination. Music videos that are related to the song are, in my opinion, rather useless. They, almost without exception, ruin everybody's personal images that the music gives.

Now that you're finishing your European tour, can you say how well you've been able to break through the language and cultural barrier?

Reita: We feel no barrier at all during the concerts. It doesn't matter which country we play in, the fans always make us happy. And at concerts we communicate with our music and gestures, not verbally so much. (laughs) There is a barrier only when we are in a hotel or a shop, we can easily get in trouble in such situations.

Has there been anything specific about European fans that has stuck in your minds?

Aoi: I think European fans are surprisingly nice in concerts. From what I've seen, they queue for a long time, but they do it quite decently without any big fights. And in concerts they go wild in a genuine way.

Should Japanese and European fans learn something from each other?

(both laugh)
Aoi: You know... (starts drumming his thighs) GAZETTO! GAZETTO! GAZETTO! GAZETTO! (everybody laughs)
Reita: When we hear that shout in Europe, our excitement and adrenaline levels soar even if we're still backstage. Our Japanese fans don't do that, so the concert atmosphere in Japan starts only when we get on stage.

Your fans have been discussing whether you are a major or indies band. Could you tell us how it really is?

Reita: Actually, (laughs) we are neither.
Aoi: I don't understand bands and people to whom this kind of labeling is very important. We've never cared about the faltering borderline between major and indies bands, since to us the most important things are performing and making music. We just are the GazettE and in our opinion, everybody has the right to decide for themselves if they want to see us as an indies or major group. We don't care about it or prefer either option over the other.

When writing music, would you say the melodies are composed through the basis of music theory or through what conveys your emotions the best?

Aoi: I personally don't trust music theory. To tell you the truth: I have never even studied it. The melody is always the first thing in my mind when I start constructing a new song and I keep perfecting it just by ear until I get the result I want. I don't need anything else.

There are small indies bands whose looks resemble yours a lot. What do you think about them?

Reita: We really don't care about other bands that much.
Aoi: I think we are a unique line-up with striking personalities, both musically and regarding our looks. We aren't very interested in other bands, so we haven't really been actively watching them...

Do you become happy anyway if you come across a group that has been inspired by you?

Aoi: Of course! I always think it's great if the things we do have inspired other people - whether it is the fans or another band.

Your tour will be over after this concert. What are you doing to do when you get back to Japan?

Reita: A tour starts in November and lasts until May next year. We haven't thought about the time after that yet.

There has been more and more English in your lyrics. Do you base the language you use in your lyrics just on the sound of the language or do you use Japanese and English for expressing different things?

Reita: Ruki writes the lyrics in the language his voice can take. Pronouncing these two languages is so different that for example at certain pitches he simply isn't able to sing in English even if he wanted to. (laughs)

What has inspired your current visual look?

Reita: We always think about an imaginary person called Gazette and what he possibly looks like at certain times.
Aoi: When the basic idea is ready, each of us develops his personal style a bit further. As a result, we look like Gazette as a whole but we all also have some of the personal elements we are recognized by.

Are you close as private persons? Do you meet each other in your free time?

Aoi: We're like a tight family and we see each other so much as the GazettE that when we finally get some time off or a holiday, we'd rather spend it alone.

Thank you for this interview and we wish you a very good gig!

Reita: Thank you very much.
Aoi You are the best! (in English) (laughter)

Thanks to the GazettE and their staff and Supersounds for making this interview possible. Pictures by Heikki Mitikka.

Zy 39: the GazettE

Zy 39: the GazettE

interview - 09.04.2008 13:00

author: Zy

translation: Non-Non

The Bloom of Bloody Red.
� 2008 Zy.connection Inc. All Rights Reserved.
"Despair can be pleasure" and "even painful wounds can be beautiful" are just some of the GazettE's lyrics. The fusion of passionate sounds, ardent melodies and lyrics goes beyond the category of just a simple love song. In their newest single, Guren, their aesthetics have been thoroughly expressed and there are many people around the country who have seen the commercial for the jewelry brand, GEMCEREY. We asked all of the members to talk about how the song was made.

I saw the commercial (GEMCEREY) in which the GazettE appeared.

Ruki: I saw it three times...on TV that is. I was very calm.

You don't have to be calm about it. (laugh)

Uruha: What leaves the biggest impact in the commercial is when Ruki says, "Put on the GazettE". (laugh)

Yes you are probably right. (laugh) By the way, I heard the schedule to produce Guren was quite tight and you did the mastering in New York.

Aoi: This time, I alone went there.

Why did you go, Aoi?

Aoi: Well, I said I'd go because I felt as though I should say that, but no one said no, so I went. I had never been by myself before.

When you made your album last year, Ruki and Aoi went together. There are three members left who haven't been yet.

Ruki: Everyone was like, "You can go", but I was like, "Is it OK for me?"

Kai: If two people could go it would be OK, but this time only one person could go. (smile)

Reita: I would be very uneasy if I went alone! However, I couldn't go as I had a fever. (laugh)

Don't you have ideas and concerns about how your mastering is done in New York?

Aoi: We can't make it the way we want to in Japan. I can't feel the sound changing very much if we do mastering here.

You mean the sound changes when you do it in New York?

Aoi: Yes, it's much better. You may not believe it, but, in studios over there, almost all the works are Japanese!

Ah, the albums that are mastered are on the walls, yes?

Aoi: Yes. Like from this CD to that CD are all there. (laugh)

Then I'll ask you about your single. When I had an interview with Ruki in autumn of last year (Zy. vol. 37), you said the next release would be quite heavy.

Ruki: Ah, I said that.

Aoi: When was it?

It was around September. It's like the former the GazettE, in a way. Did it become what you intended it to be?

Ruki: Well, that's right, but also wrong. Maybe I said too much then. (laugh)

For the rest of the interview, please refer to Zy 39.

� 2008 Zy.connection Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Zy 41: the GazettE

Zy 41: the GazettE

interview - 13.09.2008 13:00

author: Zy

translation: Non-Non

Let the good times roll, and never let them stop!
� 2008 Zy.connection Inc. All Rights Reserved.
After finishing a marathon tour of seventy-one lives around the country, the GazettE successfully completed Osakajo Hall and two Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo Daiichi Taiikukan live concerts to packed audiences. By the time this article is published, they will be back in the studio working on their upcoming music. Perhaps we will be able to hear some of their new work during the open air live, GAZEROCK FESTIVAL IN SUMMER'08 [BURST INTO A BLAZE], which will be held on August 23rd. In this interview, we were the first to be able to ask about their new work.

The photo shoot for the front cover of the magazine was done quite a while before this interview.

Aoi: Ah, yeah, it was taken a little while ago.

Uruha: Was it the one with lots of nails around us?

Ruki: No, it wasn't. (laugh)

Um�that shoot was about a year ago and it was used for issue number 35. (smile) This shoot was actually just before the tour's "GRAND FINALE."

Ruki: That was ages ago!

Doing all those live I am sure that it must get confusing. Recently I heard a rumor that you have already started working on new songs.

Aoi: So, it's just a rumor? (laugh)

I heard it from someone who knows you well. (laugh)

Aoi: Yes, well you are right. We have finished our tour and are supposed to be in our off time, but we just keep going. (smile)

So, do you have an idea of the types of songs you want to write?

Ruki: We are meeting to select songs for making a new album.

So you have gathered many songs, I take it.

Ruki: We have a few.

Aoi: Well, it was like we selected three songs out of four. (laugh)

Ruki: (laugh)

Aoi: Just joking. (smile)

So you chose from about forty songs. (laugh)

Aoi: Well, yes!

Ruki: Take a few songs from that number. (laugh)

Uruha: No, we actually had about that many songs, but we brought in what we wanted to use individually.

What was your impression when listening to each others' songs?

Aoi: My impression? Kai's songs are especially good!

Uruha: I think that out of all of his songs, up until now that is, the guitar part was really solid. (laugh)

Kai: Well...What can I say? (laugh)

Oh, you had pretty high criteria for selecting them. Um...quoting Ruki.

Uruha: I don't think that our songs have ever been light, until now.

Ruki: But I think that this single will be a little bit different than usual, including the coupling songs.

Do you mean your approach for each song is different?

Aoi: Maybe, maybe not.

That sounds complicated. (smile) But that means they all have a unified theme, right?

Uruha: Yes, maybe it's the tempo. They are separate, but almost the same.

That is a little difficult to follow. (laugh)

Aoi: It's difficult to say. We have just opened ourselves. I think that we are trying to find things out about one another, even during this interview.

Ruki: We kind of have a way of choosing coupling songs that are different from the first song that comes out.

You mean it's not a ballad. It will be a song where people can rampage at lives.

Aoi: It was kind of like "Let's make it like that."

It looks like you still have to work on them. (laugh) So what is the process you go through? the GazettE makes quite a complicated sound.

Aoi: Not really. Only Reita does strange things.

Reita: I don't do anything special.

All: (burst out laughing)

That can't be right! (laugh) You have a very original way of tuning, right?

For the rest of the interview, please refer to Zy 41.
� 2008 Zy.connection Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Interview with alice nine. at JRock Revolution

Interview with alice nine. at JRock Revolution

interview - 19.06.2007 13:00

author: Sarah

JaME held a brief interview with alice nine. before their American debut at the JRock Revolution event in LA.
� JaME
Popular PS Company band alice nine. took some time out of their busy schedule to answer a few of our questions the day before their performance. Casually dressed, the five member band spoke to us about their formation, their lyrics, and their new single, WHITE PRAYER.


Where did the inspiration for your band name come from?

Shou: The 'alice' part of our name we just thought looked and sounded cool; very visual-kei. We write the 'nine' in a Japanese character though, in kanji, to show our roots and our pride as a Japanese band.

What can you tell us about the band formation?

Shou: Tora and I had been in a band together previously. At that time, Nao and Saga were also looking for band members so we were naturally drawn to one another. Shortly after that, we saw Hiroto at a show with his band. We all thought he was really cool and would fit in perfectly with the band.

Then you mostly knew each other previously?

Shou: We knew of each other, but we weren't really friends until alice nine..

What prompted you to begin in the visual-kei scene?

Tora: I really like metal and that kind of music, and I felt that the visual-kei scene was the closest to that spirit.
Hiroto: I really admire hide of X-Japan, so it was natural for me to go into visual-kei.
Shou: My idols were also in visual-kei; I love Luna Sea.
Saga: Luna Sea, the same as Shou.
Nao: I had friends already involved in the scene, so it was only natural for me to end up in it as well.

When it comes to composing and creating your songs, is the music or the lyrics written first?

Shou: The music is written first.

Have you ever been surprised by the lyrics that Shou creates to match the music?

Hiroto: I'm always surprised, but it can go two different ways. Sometimes, the imagery that I have in my mind when I'm writing.... Shou'll create lyrics that match it so perfectly! It's a little scary (laughs). Other times though, he goes in a completely different direction from what I expected and I'll be really shocked. But it's always a good surprise, no matter which way it goes.

What can you tell us about your newest single, WHITE PRAYER?

Shou: It's about being together as well as a play on words. When the lights, the spotlights, all come together on stage, they become white. 'Prayer' brings 'purity' to mind, just like 'white' does.

As the lyricist for the band, is it ever difficult to come up with the right words to express yourself or your ideas?

Shou: It depends. If I'm inspired by something else, like a movie or a book, it's okay. When it has to do with my life though, my own heart and feelings, it's much more difficult.

You've also used quite a bit of English in some of your songs, such as Q and Dead School Screaming. How do you decide which parts to put in English and which to put in Japanese?

Shou: I go by the overall feel of the song and whichever language calls to me.

Your fans tend to do a lot of coordinated hand motions in Japan while fans in America and many other countries, tend to be much more individualistic with their actions at concerts. What do you think of this difference in culture?

Tora: We haven't played here in America yet, so we're not sure how it'll be.
Shou: Everyone feels music differently, so everyone reacts differently.

Please give a message to your many fans.

Tora: Even though there's some differences in language and culture, we're really happy to be here.
Hiroto : (nods) I feel exactly the same; I'm so glad to be here.
Shou: I'm so happy and excited to finally see some of our American fans.
Saga: I am too; we're all really happy to be playing overseas.
Nao: (thinks for a moment) ..... (in English) Do you love me?


Thank-you very much for your time.


JaME would like to thank the JRock Revolution staff, the Renaissance hotel, PS Company, and alice nine..

Zy 44: alice nine.

Zy 44: alice nine.

interview - 16.03.2009 12:00

author: Zy

translation: Non-Non

� 2008 Zy.connection Inc. All Rights Reserved.
On January 14th, alice nine. released their 3rd album, VANDALIZE. The album is full of music that the five members liked and wanted to do, a very dense piece of work for the band. "Vandalize" is very much a symbolic new step for the band. We could even say that they have completed their own rock album. In this interview we talked to the members about their deepest thoughts on the album.

Finally, you completed VANDALIZE! My personal impression is that it's like a Swedish sauna...

Saga: What do you mean? (laugh)

In Scandinavian saunas you sweat a lot first, and then you go outside into minus 10 degrees or colder air. I thought your album was like that as you have put both hard and soft songs in it.

Tora: Ah! (laugh)

When did you start in the studio?

Tora: We were in there all the time.

Hiroto: Some songs were made last year.

So, there were a lot of songs made for this album, right?

Saga: Yes. When I wrote in my blog that we chose the songs from about 70, which I had made up until now, there was a fan who thought that I written 70 songs just for this album. Then she wrote a comment that said, "It's just awesome," but she got it wrong. (smile)

Anyway, you made more songs than before, right? How did you choose songs for the album and what was the standard you used to choose them?

Tora: When we first decided to make this album we had the song the beautiful name. Right, Saga?

Saga: Yes, we did. (laugh)

Tora: When this song was made, we said that we wanted it to be the first song on the album. Then we decided which songs should flow from that.

Shou: Before that, we brought in songs saying, "This is good," "That is good," and the beautiful name was made at the very end. But it set the mood for the album.

I'm sure this first song is good.

Tora: I think that you'll get a surprise.

It feels big.

Saga: At first, we talked about making an album that we could perform easily at live concerts, but the result is totally opposite. We thought that if you listen to this first song, you will all understand why we did it the way we did.

For the rest of the interview, please refer to Zy 44.
� 2009 Zy.connection Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Comelec Registration...

Japanese Promo Poster of BOF

New Drama Iris- can't wait for Kim Tae Hee and TOP of Big Bang. ..

Yesterday, we went home from Manila to Bulacan just to register as new voters in our city municipality in San Jose Del Monte. When we arrived, marami ng tao. So, my sister and I thought that this will take us long. ...But di naman nasayang yung punta namin kc we saw some of our high school classmates. Sabi nga ni Shiena pinagtagpo-tagpo kmi ng fate...hehe...We saw Rosemarie and Rowena Rodriguez, Rosario"Mai2" Agulay and her bf(hehe), Giselle Magsalin and Julius Albay...c Giselle maingay pa rin...hehe..di namin nakausap cna rosemarie kc malayo cla sa pila pero nakita naman nila kmi...,,,nakatapos naman kmi b4 lunch...sobrang nakakapagod magbiyahe...sakit katawan mode...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Rikkai Cast in Tenimyu

This news is late na but I still want to share it with my friends...

Yagami Ren(Yukimura), Yuta Juuki(Jackal), Renn Kiriyama(Bunta) and Kento Ono(Yanagi) will not play their respective roles in Tenimyu the final match...tsk..tsk..I've been waiting for Rikkai to come back in Tenimyu stage kaya lang di na ata mangyayari yun.Since, nabalitaan q din na last batch na lang ito ng seigaku cast...meaning malapit ng matapos ang tenimyu...hay!nakakalungkot naman..I've been a fan since the day it started...the roles of sanada, kirihara and the platinum pair will still be played by the first rikkai casts...kahit papaano happy pa rin ako kc my reason pa rin ako para panoorin ang dvd dahil nanjan pa cna masa and baba...check out the new rikkai here...

Suju's Cyworld Link

Korean CY

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So for now, only 9 members' cyworld links are available.

source: Tracy Jieying Chia of facebook

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As of May 4, 2009: Oricon ranking from Music Japan Plus

DBSK or TVXQ members are now the cover artists of Music Japan Plus Magazine after ranking first in Oricon Singles


1 Tsuru no Uta
Artist : Tsuruno Takeshi
Label : PC
Release : 2009-04-22
2 Shonan no kaze~JOKER~
Artist : Shonan no kaze
Label : TF
Release : 2009-04-08
Label : UMN
Release : 2009-03-21
Label : AVT
Release : 2009-04-22
5 Ryu Siwon Single Collection
Artist : Ryu Siwon
Label : TJC
Release : 2009-04-22
Artist : Kanjani eight
Label : IMP
Release : 2009-04-15
Artist : Ken
Label : DC
Release : 2009-04-22
Artist : TV Sound Track
Label : ANX
Release : 2009-04-22
9 Soshite Mou ichido Yume wo ・・・
Artist : Matsutoya Yumi
Label : TO
Release : 2009-04-08
10 Gozenchu ni・・・
Artist : Yoshida Takuro
Label : AVT
Release : 2009-04-15
11 Dance Hall Lovers Season6~C・・・
Artist : Various Artists
Label : TO
Release : 2009-04-15
Artist : Hamasaki Ayumi
Label : AVT
Release : 2009-03-25
13 I love you
Artist : Various Artists
Label : WMJ
Release : 2009-04-01
14 This Is The One
Artist : Utada
Label : UMI
Release : 2009-03-14
15 The Secret Code
Artist : Tohoshinki
Label : RZN
Release : 2009-03-25
Artist : FACT
Label : IND
Release : 2009-04-22
17 Remio Best
Artist : Remioromen
Label : ORL
Release : 2009-03-09
Artist : Angelo
Label : K
Release : 2009-04-22
19 Gin Tama BEST
Artist : Various Artists
Label : ANX
Release : 2009-03-25
20 THE BEST '03~'09
Artist : Ando Yuko
Label : CUT
Release : 2009-04-15
21 Legend Of Twins I-Hutago De・・・
Artist : ON/OFF
Label : MRA
Release : 2009-04-22
22 What's Love?
Artist : JuJu
Label : ASR
Release : 2009-03-04
23 Alto Colony no Teiri
Label : TO
Release : 2009-03-11
24 Bi Ga Ku ~ my beautiful sky
Artist : Tsuyoshi
Label : BGK
Release : 2009-04-10
25 STORIES(Shokai Gentei Ban)
Artist : JAYWALK
Label : WMJ
Release : 2009-04-22
26 Seiza Kareshi Series Vol.4 ・・・
Artist : Nakamura Yuichi
Label : IND
Release : 2009-04-22
Label : V
Release : 2008-04-22
28 CM Yoko2
Artist : Sugano Yoko
Label : IND
Release : 2009-04-22
29 TAKUI NAKAJIMA Anniversary ・・・
Artist : Nakajima Takui
Label : ZET
Release : 2009-04-22
30 de-ji, kariyushi
Artist : kariyushi58
Label : LDK
Release : 2009-04-08
31 Proletariern★lariat
Artist : Dohatsuten
Label : IMP
Release : 2009-04-22
Artist : CONNECT
Label : BVS
Release : 2009-04-22
Artist : EXILE
Label : RZN
Release : 2008-12-08
34 THE BEST10 1980-81
Artist : Various Artist
Label : USJ
Release : 2009-04-22
35 Supplement
Artist : Nakano Ai
Label : K
Release : 2009-04-22
36 THE BEST10 1984~85
Artist : Various Artist
Label : PC
Release : 2009-04-22
37 Funky Monkey Babys 3
Label : DRM
Release : 2009-03-04
38 THE BEST10 1978-79
Artist : Various Artists
Label : SND
Release : 2009-04-22
39 CROWS ZERO II Original Soun・・・
Artist : Sound Track
Label : FL
Release : 2009-04-08
40 Sing to the Sky<Hatsu Budok・・・
Artist : Ayaka
Label : WMJ
Release : 2008-06-25


1 Share The World / We are!
Artist : Tohoshinki
Label : RZN
Release : 2009-04-22
2 Don't say "lazy"
Artist : Sakurakou Keionbu
Label : PC
Release : 2009-04-22
3 Aitai
Artist : Yuzu
Label : SNC
Release : 2009-04-22
4 Cagayake!GIRLS
Artist : Sakurakou Keionbu
Label : PC
Release : 2009-04-22
5 THE MONSTER ~Someday~
Artist : EX
Label : RZN
Release : 2009-04-15
6 Yume wo Mikatani / Koi Koga・・・
Artist : Ayaka
Label : WMJ
Release : 2009-04-22
7 Shuketsu no Sono e
Artist : Hayashibara Megumi
Label : K
Release : 2009-04-22
8 Niji
Artist : Kobukuro
Label : WMJ
Release : 2009-04-15
9 Yaruki Hanabi
Artist : WatariRoka Hashiritai
Label : PC
Release : 2009-04-22
10 Hetaria Character CD Vol.2 ・・・
Artist : Duits (CV:Yasumoto Hiroki)
Label : FTW
Release : 2009-04-22
11 Cho Climax Jump
Label : AVE
Release : 2009-04-22
12 Aki no Miyajima
Artist : Mizumori Kaori
Label : TJC
Release : 2009-04-01
13 I do it
Artist : stereopony
Label : SR
Release : 2009-04-22
14 Imamade no Arasuji
Artist : SOS Dan
Label : LAN
Release : 2009-04-22
15 Ai no Mama De
Artist : Akimoto Junko
Label : K
Release : 2008-01-23
Artist : Tamaki Hiroshi
Label : AVT
Release : 2009-04-22
17 Himawari
Artist : Yusuke
Label : SR
Release : 2009-03-11
Label : LAN
Release : 2009-04-22
Artist : MAY'S
Label : K
Release : 2009-04-22
20 Seeds of dream
Label : AVT
Release : 2009-04-15
21 Glossy:MMM
Artist : Hashimoto Miyuki
Label : LAN
Release : 2009-04-22
22 Aitai・・・
Artist : YU-A
Label : YRC
Release : 2009-04-22
23 Future Stream
Artist : sphere
Label : LAN
Release : 2009-04-22
24 Kuon no Kawa
Artist : alan
Label : AVT
Release : 2009-04-08
25 Rojishigure
Artist : Oishi Madoka
Label : C
Release : 2009-04-22
26 Believe / Kumori no Chi, Kaisei
Artist : Arashi, Yano Kenta Starring・・・
Label : JST
Release : 2009-03-04
27 phosphorus
Artist : eufonius
Label : LAN
Release : 2009-04-22
Artist : Shion
Label : VIA
Release : 2009-04-08
29 Sora ~Utsukusi Ware no Sora
Artist : Tsuyoshi
Label : BGK
Release : 2009-04-10
30 Ride the Wind
Artist : Kadoya Tsukasa(Inoue Masahiro)
Label : AVE
Release : 2009-04-22
31 Journey through the Decade
Artist : Gackt
Label : AVE
Release : 2009-03-25
32 Roukyoku Ichidai
Artist : Hikawa Kiyoshi
Label : C
Release : 2009-02-04
33 Miracle Fly
Artist : Kuribayashi Minami
Label : LAN
Release : 2009-04-22
34 It's all Love!
Artist : koda kumi × misono
Label : RZN
Release : 2009-03-31
35 Chichikara Umareta Daisenpai
Artist : Churuyasan(Matsuoka Yuki)
Label : LAN
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Friday, May 1, 2009

PIDC '09 News

Tournament Details

Quick Facts
Dates April 15-20, 2009
Venues Various venues at UP Diliman and nearby areas
Rounds Seven (7) preliminary rounds and four (4) Finals series rounds
Tournament Cap A maximum of 70 teams can be accommodated in the tab
Institution Cap An institution can send a maximum of 6 teams only
Break Cap This tournament does not implement a break cap.
Adj Policy N-rule, where each team sent must have its own adjudicator

Tournament Schedule Download [pdf, 200kb]
Tournament Profile Download [pdf, 5.7MB]
Adjudicator Tabs Download [pdf, 44kb]
Speaker Tabs Download [pdf, 36kb]
Team Tabs Download [pdf, 32kb]
Tournament Motions View [ html ]


DAY 0 - April 15, 2008 - Wednesday
Time Event Venue
13:00 - 17:00 Phase 3 Registration for all institutions NISMED Auditorium, UP Diliman
13:00 - 15:00 Adjudication Seminar
15:00 - 17:30 Sample debate and adjudication exam
17:30 - 20:00 Early dinner
20:00 - 23:00 Instruments of Mass Discussion
(Opening Night) Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman

DAY 1 - April 16, 2008 - Thursday
Time Event Venue
8:00 Convening NISMED Auditorium, UP Diliman
8:30 - 9:30 Discussion of adjudication exam results
9:30 - 9:45 Briefing and match-ups for Round 1
9:45 - 10:15 Prep time for Round 1
10:15 - 12:00 Round 1
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch break
13:00 - 14:00 Issue Forum #1 NISMED Auditorium, UP Diliman
14:00 - 14:15 Briefing and match-ups for Round 2
14:15 - 14:45 Prep time for Round 2

DAY 2 - April 17, 2008 - Friday
Time Event Venue
8:00 Convening NISMED Auditorium, UP Diliman
8:15 - 8:30 Briefing and match-ups for Round 3
8:30 - 9:00 Prep time for Round 3
9:00 - 11:00 Round 3
11:00 - 12:00 Lunch break
12:00 - 12:15 Briefing and Match-ups for Round 4
12:15 - 12:45 Prep time for Round 4
12:45 - 14:45 Round 4
15:00 - 15:15 Briefing and match ups for Round 5
15:15 - 15:45 Prep time for Round 5
15:405 - 17:45 Round 5

DAY 3 - April 18, 2008 - Saturday
Time Event Venue
8:00 Convening NISMED Auditorium, UP Diliman
8:15 - 8:30 Briefing and match-ups for Round 6
8:30 - 9:00 Prep time for Round 6
9:00 - 11:00 Round 6
11:00 - 13:00 Lunch break
13:00 - 14:00 Issue Forum #2
14:30 - 14:45 Briefing and match-ups for Round 7
14:45 - 15:15 Prep time for Round 7
15:15 - 17:15 Round 7
17:30 - 19:30 Travel time to Break Night party venue
20:00 - 11:00 BLACKLISTED (Break Night Party) The Manor Superclub, Eastwood City, Libis

DAY 4 - April 19, 2008 - Sunday
Time Event Venue
13:00 Convening To be announced
13:00 - 13:20 Briefing and match-ups for Octofinals
13:20 - 13:50 Prep time for Octofinals
13:50 - 15:50 Octofinals
16:00 - 17:00 Pre-Council Meeting
17:00 - 17:30 Briefing for Quarterfinals

DAY 5 - April 20, 2008 - Monday
Time Event Venue
8:30 Convening Diosdado Macapagal Hall, UP School of Economics
8:30 - 8:45 Briefing and match-ups for Quarterfinals
8:45 - 9:15 Prep time for Quarterfinals
9:15 - 11:00 Quarterfinals UP School of Economics
11:00 - 12:30 Lunch break
12:30 - 13:00 Briefing and match-ups for Semifinals
13:00 - 13:30 Prep time for Semifinals
13:30 - 15:30 Semifinals UP School of Economics
15:30 - 16:30 Issue Forum #3
16:30 - 17:00 Announcement of Finalists
17:00 - 19:00 Prep time and travel to Championship Dinner
19:00 - 21:00 Finals Ayala Ballroom, Makati Sports Club
21:00 - 24:00 Championship Dinner Ayala Ballroom, Makati Sports Club

News and Updates

* April 29, 2009 | Erratum
An error was made in the listing of the Top Adjudicators for the tournament. Pam Chan (ADMU) should have been ranked 7th, and Jayson Maulit (SBC) is ranked 8th. The appropriate changes have been made in the list below. Should you have any questions or concerns about the recently concluded tournament, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Communications Director Anna Arcellana via We'd be happy to respond to your concerns as soon as we can.

* April 23, 2009 | PIDC Winners
Congratulations to University of the Philippines, Diliman A, composed of Diane Claire Jiao, Christian Marx Villa and Raymund Vitorio for winning the Philippine Inter-Collegiate Debating Championship 2009: The Philippine Daily Inquirer Cup. Congratulations as well to the runner-ups from University of the Philippines, Manila A, Carol Tan, Robert Totanes, and Lee Yarcia. The best speaker of the finals was Diane Claire Jiao.

The Top Speakers of the tournament are as follows:
1. Christian Marx Villa, UPD A (tied for first)
2. Diane Claire Jiao, UPD A (tied for first)
3. Raymund Vitorio, UPD A
4. Ely Zosa, ADMU A (tied for fourth)
5. Pauline Gairanod, ADMU C (tied for fourth)
6. Carol Stephanie Tan, UPM A (tied for fourth)
7. Anna Elvira Arcellana, UPD B (tied for seventh)
8. Lee Edison Yarcia, UPM A (tied for seventh)
9. Ces Gotamco, ADMU B (tied for seventh)
10. Robert Totanes, UPM A (tied for seventh)
11. Gica Mangahas, ADMU A (tied for seventh)

The Top Adjudicators of the tournament are as follows:
1. Estelle Osorio, DLSU
2. Angelo Kalaw, UPD
3. Joeven Castro, FEU
4. Bernadette Angangco, ADMU
5. Marc Batac, UPD
6. Robin Sebolino, DLSU
7. Pam Chan, ADMU
8. Jayson Maulit, SBC
9. Jeross Aguilar, ADNU
10. Mikee Sevilla, UPD

The full speaker, adjudicator and team tabs are now available for download, and may also be found at the Tournament Details page. The full list of motions may also be found here.

We'd like to thank all our participants, Adjudication Core, and sponsors for supporting this year's PIDC 2009: The Philippine Daily Inquirer Cup. Thank you for contributing greatly to its success, and we all look forward to seeing you again next year!

Motions in PIDC '09

Tournament Motions

Elimination Rounds

Round 1: Gender

* THBT gay rights movements should compel openly gay celebrities to actively support their causes.
* THBT feminist politics must transition from the halls of Congress to the bedroom.
* THBT Muslim universities should grant professional subsidies to feminist scholars living in radically conservative Muslim states.

Round 2: Europa

* THW ban the ownership of multiple properties in land strapped European countries.
* THBT it is justified for EU countries with bailout responsibilities to excuse themselves with financial commitments to the union.
* THBT the European Union should subsidize rehabilitation clinics for computer addicts.

Round 3: Culpability

* THBT sober passengers of a drunk driver should be held criminally liable.
* THW punish bystanders of a crime.
* THW allow witnesses of gruesome murders to claim emotional damages against the criminal.

Round 4: Environment

* TH celebrates the use of emotional blackmail as part of environmental strategies.
* THBT Earth Hour is a meaningless, faddish, exercise.
* THW make waste-disposal a mandatory requirement for free trade agreements.

Round 5: Print Media

* THBT print media is dead.
* THW ban government officials from obtaining board positions in print media.
* THW require print media to grant criticized individuals compulsory reply space.

Round 6: Pop Culture

* THW remove the foreign films category in the Academy Awards.
* TH regrets the rise of vegetarianism.
* THW shut down the World Wrestling Entertainment for good.

Round 7: Geopolitics

* THBT China should revise its amoral foreign policy by sanctioning North Korea.
* TH regrets Obama's stance of reducing investments for foreign policy initiatives.
* THBT it's time to grant statehood to Taiwan.

Break Rounds

Octofinals: Local Headlines

* THB in extending the land distribution program.
* TH overreacted to Chip Tsao.
* THBT it is time to shut the doors on visiting forces.

Quarterfinals: Rights

* THW lift the moratorium on blood donations for men who have sex with men.
* THBT parents who are minors should be allowed to retain custody of their offspring.
* TH supports the preferential disclosure of sexual harassment issues to religious leaders over state authorities within some religious communities.

Semi-finals: Football

* TH regrets the recruitment of Third World football players by European football clubs.
* TH celebrates players walking-off the field in response to racist crowd hooliganism.
* THBT all players should donate majority of their advertising revenue to league development of the clubs they play for.

Finals: Education

* TH celebrates the rise of political activism among students in public universities.
* THW accommodate student-teacher relationships among consenting adults in universities.
* THB in mandatory sex education in all religious schools.