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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


One year of being workaholic...June 28...I can't forget this day...


Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm missing my IVO students...TT

It's been a week since the last time I talked to my remaining students for IVO. Now, I'm still adjusting with Jemfone little brats...haha...ang cute at sometimes katacute ng mga fetus...(^_^)
Kaya lang, I still miss my long time and iconic students who were little Pororo girl Winnie, sweet Minseo, sleepy Tom, arrogant Sanghyuk, smart Jiwon, jolly Miss Hae Jin, pregnant Miss Jayoung, cheerful Ellen, Mr.Rockstar David, MR.CEO Patrick,pokerface Mr.Kim,Mr.Nuclear Power Man Sin, Ms.Teacher Cecil, Mr. Samsungman Shawn,Mr.Kung Fu Panda Bruce and Miss China Jessica...But...we all need changes just to experience new things that can give us new lessons. In the kind of work that I have now, everything is not permanent.And I should make a boundary between a teacher and a friend. I shouldn't make myself too close with the students kasi aside from it hurts to say goodbye during their end of contracts, I want them to respect me as a teacher.From IP to IVO, from IVO to JemPhone...Changes will be good for me to further improve what Harold Wilson said "He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

2ne1 “The Party” Fan account

-Shiela F.Irinco (Elisha)-

It was already a week ago since we got the chance to see the Kpop ultimate ladies of 2ne1. But everything that we experienced were still clear on my mind. May 5, 2011 was the official released of the concert tickets but since we don't have enough money to buy the perfect seats, we waited for another 5 days. At last, May 10 (Tuesday), we got the chance to have our 2 upper A tix in row B. We're still lucky since we got the chance to get the nearest seats as possible even though we reserved a little bit late. All the front rows were already taken but it was a good thing, the ticketnet operator really tried to give us these better seats. After we got the ticket, we were counting every minutes and every seconds just like what we did to Super Show 3 last February 26. It seems like I want to fast forward everything so that it's already June 4 (But of course, I can''t do it^^).

I told Angge (if you could still remember her, she's my high school buddy who joined us to SS3 because she was one of Heechul's Petals) that we got the tix already and if she wanted to come to the concert too. She said she couldn't go. I was a bit sad because I wanted to go there with her since she's the only one out of all my friends and classmates who's also a die-hard KPOP addict just like us. I tried to search for some contest, but some of them were really hard to accomplish. I need to have special talents in dancing drawing, singing and designing just to join the competition.(DUH?!) I wasn't born as a superstar?..TT...So, I feel somehow frustrated. Lucky thing came few days before the concert. OhDara.wordpress will be giving upper B tickets for 2ne1 The Party. And the mechanics...I need to comment on why I like Dara? Well, it's gonna be easy for me because I'm good in giving comments and writing something (narcisstic?kekeke^^).In order to win, you need to be sincere that you love Dara and be unique. And since I'm really a Dara fan ever since she was still Sandy here in the Philippines, I decided to make a poem for her.

Here’s my poem in the question "Why do you like Dara?"
A mystic lady hidden from a sour past
A naughty Goddess that captures the thousand mass
With captivating fairness that will surely last
Soaring to the top in just a blast

She is indeed a mighty deity
A Venus from the infinite eternity
Yet a naughty and bubbly lady

The lenses are going shaky
She’s going crazy
The goons and guys are pretty smiley
She was indeed a charming cutie!

Why I like this witty 4D?
A thing she has that you need to see
She drove my world in an endless spree
And makes my day giggly and happy!


Everytime, I joined some online contest, I just share the story to my sister. It was somehow a ritual for me because if I post it to my fb account or to my twitter that I said this and that for a contest, most probrably, I will lose. I even didn't tell it to Angge just to have some secret Ek-ek..hehe...Days passed and many blackjacks joined the ohdara thingy. I always tried to see if I have a greater chance to win 1 upper B tix and Ohdara shirt. Finally, I saw their list of winners! I won the contest! I was jumping in front of our laptop and my mom and lil Shane were shocked. We celebrated together. But...I felt sorry for my lil sistah since she wanted to watch 2ne1 too. Kaso, she couldn't since she will start her class on June 6 already (she needs to sleeep early too). So, I sent a message to Angge that I won and she''ll come with us. I was very happy. Thanks for this big opportunity @Ohdara!

So, everything was all set. We have the tickets already. So we need to prepare for our cheering stuffs. First on the list are the 2ne1 lightsticks. We got ours from Fangirlsdreamshop and 2ne1 Ph. Shiena even bought the Bigbang crownstick to wave for the concert(from JiemieOnline)...sayang nga lang...the other crownstick didn't reach before the concert..pero it's okay naman na because it's important to have the blackjack ls. Since there will be 2ne1 fiesta, we decided to buy cheering banner on the booths there. Luckily, we got the "I love YG' and "I love 2ne1" banner plus the uber ganda~ I ship DARAGON banner!...I remember pala na we also made a glow in the dark "DARA love GD banner...

All things were ready for the concert, we went there as early as 8 o'clock in the morning to redeem the prize and to shop sa 2ne1 fiesta. The booths were not yet there when we arrived so we had our kodakan(picture2) muna.haha^^

When the booths were all set up, we already started our shopping galore. I said to my sister "Mamalengke na tayo ng isda (Donghae)"...[Let's now buy fish] refers to my one and only fave Super Junior member Lee Donghae. The good thing about this fiesta was that we can buy not just 2ne1's but also other Kpop singers' stuffs. I also saw one booth selling fans with JPOP ers and Jrockers face. That was really awesome.

I got my lightstick from 2ne1ph booth and we also bought ballers which were actually cute^^. After that, we proceeded to the Ohdara & Daragon booth to get the ticket and shirt prize. Angge got another shirt from them but Shiena couldn't since she was already wearing a Blackjack shirt ( So sad for her...TT). Anyway, the staffs were really cool since they had free snacks and pizza too for all Blackjacks there. They were very accomodating and perky! (Thank you po!)
Before we went to our gate, we had our lunch in Mang Inasal near the red gate. Angge treated us with the mouth-watering chicken which was too heavy for my craving stomach (thanks Angge!). After we had a minute of rest, we visited the booths again and watched the programs.

Many KPop cosplayers performed. We thought MBLAST will not perform anymore so we had our last minute shopping spree with Angge and went to the yellow gate already. But we were wrong. I heard that when we left the fiesta Jop Crisostomo's group danced on the mini stage (Naku ! Sayang!) We wanted to see him pa naman and JM Cabiguit and took photos with them. Anyway, we couldn't leave our line since there's a long queu already. There's Kpopcon pa naman next time.

While we’re on the line, we played KPOP songs and chatted about KPOP news just to kill the boredom. We waited for almost five hours and I would say that my energy was drained before the gates were opened. I was a little bit irritated but I can't do anything. Buti na lang before 6 o'clock in the afternoon, they already let us go inside. I was feeling giddy again just like what happened to super show 3. I'm back to my fangirling mode! When we entered the big dome, we looked for our seats and I was really amazed because it was too near which was different from what I've expected. There was just a simple problem with my seat because it goes down on its own. Luckily, I'm too light to sit there. We already prepared our lightsticks and banners before the concert starts. We just noticed that many people bought the Araneta colorful lightsticks so we bought our own too ( I got orange and Shiena got blue).

I called Angge on the phone and she was on the first row of the upper B (Since it was a free seating, she ran so very fast against the other fangirls...haha...she was too fast!) It's a good thing she got a perfect place.

The lights were all dimmed and everyone was already screaming. There was a fanboy in front of us with complete video cam and slr who was with his younger sister. He was also screaming like hell (It's like a shouting contest between our teams...hehe^^)... Techie Romantics started with their electro-poprock (I don't know what's the term for their music). It was great at first. But honestly, when they already sang their second and third songs, I felt a little bit bored na. The main vocalist sounded a little bit annoying to my ears and eyes (sorry=>grr)...It's a good thing that Christian Bautista followed them with his ballads. He was so effing cute!(waaaah!) He sang Bruno Mars' When I See Your Face for Goddess Dara. He confessed that he was a fanboy. Blackjacks didn't boo on him which was different from what he expected on the news before. He was really good!

After his number, the lights on stage became reddish and a 2ne1 song was played. Suddenly, a girl with palm-tree hair popped out from nowhere...Everybody was screaming out their lungs since we thought that she was Sandy! I even turned on my digicam to video mode to capture the moment. But when she screamed too, hahaha....she was a fake! She was Miss Giselle Sanchez. (She got us there) She said all funny stuffs on stage and parodied Dara. She even said that she's also a Park because her name was Lunita Park (that was funny!). After her awesome stand-up comedy on stage, she introduced Bloomfields (Filipino rockband) as the next performers. I like Bloomfields even before because their music and looks resemble my fave The Beatles. They look good on their suits. Their songs made us back to the 70's. It was good perf indeed.

Lunita Park came out again and some lucky blackjacks got the chance to perf something for the girls (they are watching from the backstage) and they were indeed lucky since they won tickets for Lenka and 4and1(?) concerts plus they had chance to greet 2ne1. After them was the band that I wanted to see in a concert too-Pinoy rock band Callalily. I was fangirling to Kean Cipriano because he had an oozing charisma. I reallly wanted to hear their songs Take My Hand, Magbalik and Stars. Everyone was all giggly pa because Kean was wearing an I LOVE DARA shirt. He was a certified self-confessed Dara fan. He even said DARA SARANGHAE. (hehe^^another fan boy on the list)...He also went to the VIP section and had interaction with fans. Kean also requested to turn off the light because he was amazed with the colorful rainbow lightsticks of blackjacks (It’s Christmas!) Callalily was really awesome. Sayang, Alden wasn’t there. He was the former guitarist of the band.

After them, Miss Giselle and the man with feather coat (I forgot his name) made some dialogues at the center of the VIP section (I don’t like him since he was making some green jokes which were not really funny. Miss G scolded him with jokes since there were kids in the crowd).Next on the list was the World Champion Philippine All Stars! I was really amazed with the girl dancers because aside from their S-line bodies, they were really terrific and fierce in their moves. But I didn’t somehow mind their steps anymore since they were the last performers for Front-acts and the next band on stage was of course 2ne1.

At last, All Stars were done. The lights were all dimmed and a firework made us all crazy. Araneta was really awesome with the sea of Xmas LS and enraging screams from Blackjacks. Everyone stood on their seats. And after so many years, 2ne1 came out with their fiercest look ever! Shiena and I were really in tears because of too much happiness. It was really effing to the max with the super power to the grandest feeling ever! The same feeling came out of me just like ss3 when Donghae was flying up on the stage. I can’t breathe properly because I was shouting so crazy. The fanboys and fangirls already sang and danced together with Fire.The Big Dome was literally on fire! haha...^^...They made their cute introductions ...

2ne1: Annyeonghaseyo! Wazzup we’re 2ne1!
CL: Hello Philippines! This is CL!
BOM: Hi! Ako si Bom!
DARA: Ako naman si Sandara Park!
MINZY: Ako si Minzy! Magandang Gabi!

(Fans were all screaming while waving their lightsticks!)

DARA: Ang daming tao nakakatouch! Namiss nyo ba ako? (Of course, Goddess D)...Sobrang namiss ko din kayo...Hindi ko akalain na bumalik ako dito, kasama ko na ang 2ne1.(Ooooooh!)

When CL said, “Are you guys ready to have some fun!”, naku! The crowds were all excited. They performed Go Away without the YG dancers (Sayang, I want to see Kwon Twins pa naman).

But there was a scene when Bom was pulling up Dara’s palm tree hair and hugged her *spazz for Park sisters*. Dara and Bom went at the side of the stage because the maknaes-Minzy and CL were going to rock the stage with their Please Don’t go. ( We were singing and rapping with!) When CL said that they will sing Lonely...Naku! It was too epic. Goddess D also performed her In or Out which made us waved our DARAGON banners! (malamang nakita nya yun coz we’re so near^^)...

Can’t Nobody followed and everyone on our row was all dancing with the rhythm. Clap your Hands was next and I would definitely say that CL was really fierce with her rap part (ang galing nya! fan na aq!)...Lastly, they had I don’t care which let us waved our lightsticks with the chorus cute!...When Dara said it was all done and 2ne1 said goodbye, you can see that everyone was feeling bitin...But you can see on their face with matching pawis and sipon plus tears na they really enjoyed the night.

Everyone was in total shock!...We had our final picture taking pa with Angge and went out with the uber smiling face. Some parents were waiting for the kids outside Araneta and some had their cars parked pa...But the three of us...we walked to Jollibee and had our panghimagas...bangag pa rin!...I will always remember this concert!...P.S=> Hello to our seatmates most especially Miss Merryneth Tacalan...hehe...I told Shiena while we’re on the cab that our next stop would be Bigbang’s, JYJ’s , TVXQ’s, or CNBlue’s concert...:D...See you again Kpopers on the next concert...Thanks PULP! :D