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Sunday, January 31, 2010

BigShow Last Day~Jan. 31, 2010

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Big Bang Lotte Duty Free Calendar

Keke~ Some GTOP love here. lol. Kyaaa. So totally handsome and cool. >.<

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BigShow Compilation~

Big Show 2010 Day 1 : 100129 [PHOTOS] - Batch 4

Too many to post here one by one so I put the photos in a zip file instead. 47 G-Dragon pictures all in all from Day 1 of their Big Show Concert. These are different from the ones I posted before. Enjoy!


source: credits as tagged via DCGD

Big Show 2010 Day 2 : 100130 [VIDEOS/FANCAMS] - Batch 2

Two rare Taeyang videos from Day 2! (Batch 1 videos are here, btw) I say rare because I hardly see photos of him from the concert. Videos of him performing Wedding Dress after the jump. Thanks for the tweet, dilani0!

Included in this batch are 2NE1's performance of I Don't Care (which is the only 2NE1 fancam I've seen so far), Lies Remix and Fool's Only Tears.


source :

Lies Remix

source :



Wedding Dress


2NE1 - I Don't Care

source :

2NE1 - Fire

source :

Lies Remix

source :

Fool's Only Tears - Daesung and Seungri hitting the high notes!


Taeyang singing Stylish

Big Show 2010 Day 2 : 100130 [VIDEOS/FANCAMS] - Batch 1

Day 2 fancams! One of the uploaders who was at the concert has a pre-Big Show video with commentary and it's pretty interesting. You can watch it here. Performances included in this batch are Wonderful, Koe Wo Kikasete, Hallelujah, Haru-Haru and Act Like Nothing's Wrong. Videos are after the jump.


Koe Wo Kikasete

Koe Wo Kikasete #2

Koe Wo Kikasete #3


source :

Audio : Intro + Heartbreaker ~ love the Intro here!

Audio : How Gee

Audio : Hallelujah

Audio : Korean Dream

source :

Hallelujah (Longer Fancam)


Act Like Nothing's Wrong

source :

Big Show 2010 Day 2 : 100130 [PHOTOS] - Batch 1

Big Show 2010 Day 2! Lots of photos of Daesung in this batch. All we need now is a fancam of him singing Cotton Candy! My favorite from this batch is this first T.O.P photo. More after the jump.

source : DC galleries, credits as tagged

Big Show 2010 Day 1 : 100129 [VIDEOS/FANCAMS] - Batch 2

New batch of videos after the jump! Big Bang songs included in this batch are As if Nothing's Wrong, A Good Man, their Lies and Sunset Glow performances during the encore and Taeyang's Wedding Dress! There's also Daesung's cooking video, which is so cute! If you haven't watched the first batch of videos I posted, you can find them here.

Making of T.O.P's video

T.O.P @ Act Like Nothing's Wrong

Good Man Version 1

Good Man Version 2

Seungri @ Ending Clip

Encore: Sunset Glow and Lies

Daesung's Cooking Video

T.O.P @ Ending

Taeyang @ Wedding Dress

source : youtube users - damjes07, kimkookai, elavip4

2NE1's Dara @ Big Show 2010 Day 1 [PHOTOS]

Sadly, the Lollipop collaboration that was reported before didn't happen. But who knows they might tweak the line-up for Day 2 and Day 3! (Not giving you false hopes. That's just my wishful thinking.) Anyway, here are some photos of 2NE1's Dara during the concert. One more under the cut.

source : DC2NE1
Still can't find photos of Taeyang and Daesung from the concert! Lots of T.O.P and G-Dragon pictures though. This is Batch 3 already. Other photos are posted here : Batch 1, Batch 2.

source : dc galleries ; credit as tagged
This batch includes the music video of T.O.P's new solo song (which is also posted in a separate entry), Haru-Haru, Hallelujah, audios of Wedding Dress and Where You At, their 1 Night, 2 Days parody plus some extras. See the videos after the jump.

MV of T.O.P's *NEW* solo song


Big Bang playing table tennis?

1 Night, 2 Day Parody (No Audio)

GD @ Haru-Haru

T.O.P playing harmonica

Taeyang @ Wedding Dress (Audio)

Taeyang @ Where U At (Audio)

GD @ Hallelujah

T.O.P @ Hallelujah

T.O.P @ Hallelujah 2

sources : youtube users - damjes07, vvvvanilla, slovey32, JoongBoSkittles03
The title of the song is said to be 'Turn It Up' and I'm really digging the music video's concept. T.O.P is one gorgeous pimp, I must say. The car scenes remind me of Jinusean's Phone Number. It definitely has the vibe of old school YG videos. Can't wait for a clearer version!

source :
Will update this post each time new photos are available. More photos after the jump. Batch 2 photos HERE.

Batch 2 photos HERE.

sources : DC galleries
Found 1 Taeyang photo and it's hot! More photos after the jump. Mostly of Seungri and G-Dragon. For the first batch, you can find them here.

sources : credits as tagged via DC galleries

Where U At + Wedding Dress Remix Audio @ Big Show Day 1 [DOWNLOAD]